WHO we are

👋Hey there! I’m Tessa and my husband is Dustin. We are a happily married Christian couple and we’ve been together 16 years!!

We have 4 amazing and handsome boys ages 10, 7, 6, and 3 that keep us busy constantly!

I am a full time stay at home mom with a side biz (and a few side hustles) and I homeschool all of my kids!!

My husband is a supervisor for Home Depot on the graveyard shift and is on the fast track for Assistant Store Manager.


WHY we do it

Everybody always wants to know why we CHOSE to try these products??

Well it’s simple. We got tired... of the way we felt and looked. We had 4 kids and couldn’t even easily run around and play with them anymore. Don’t get me wrong we weren’t seriously overweight. It was just tough. We had both smoked most of our lives and eaten unhealthy. I had 10 lbs to lose and he wanted to lose more than 60.

We both had gained pregnancy weight. I would lose and gain the same 3 lbs over and over again. I had a c-section that left wrinkles and no elasticity in my lower stomach my jeans buttoned. I hated how my clothes fit. My arms were getting flabby and weak and my legs had cellulite and my inner thighs stretched my pant legs messing them up. I didn’t feel beautiful anymore. I worried over EVERYTHING i put on and how it looked on me.

He was sweating with every activity he did that was more than a few minutes of labor. His pants kept splitting in half. He had trouble breathing and fitting into his clothes. He lost his self confidence.

We love our kids and want to be around a long time for them. We don’t want them to be embarrassed of us or have the habits we’ve had all these years. We want to keep up with them and our grandkids to come.

On that note, we decided to do something about it.

I asked a friend WE TRUST about the products she had been using and posting on social media. She wasn’t the only one raving about them.


HOW we do it

Now that we’ve taken you behind the scenes of who we are and why we made the decision to make healthier changes we want to answer HOW we started and HOW we do it.

Remember that friend I told you about?

She started telling me all about how the products work and how much she loved them. We were wary at first. Very skeptical 🤨.

We live paycheck to paycheck and well...I’ve always been scared to try new things (foods and flavors) and my husband was worried about not being able to continually afford the products if they actually worked for either of us.

What if we didn’t like them?
What if it was too expensive?
What if it didn’t work?
What if...what if...what if...

She added me to a Facebook group... I was a fly on the wall for A LONG WHILE!!!

I messaged her again. Still curious.

She said I would get $10 off my first order.
She said we would get a discount.
She said we would earn points.
She said they have an empty bottle return policy.
She said you buy it when you need it or get it on monthly ship which I can change to any day of the month or cancel at any time.

We jumped in! We bought our first full system plus pre workout and post workout as well as an energy drink mix.

Hubby joined a gym and I bought an elliptical. We cut back on breads and cut out junk food and upped our water intake and cut back on cokes.

We both started out using various products regularly. Started noticing results pretty quickly!! Then, we got lazy for a couple weeks around vacation. I started to gain the weight I had lost and he stayed close to the same not quickly losing weight like we was when he was taking them.

But it jump started our bodies before -so we determined to return to taking the products and eating right again and he started going to the gym several days a week. He has the biggest scale victory because of his dedication and has lost over 60lbs during his journey!!👏👏👏 his favorite products are the chocolate liquid gold and the pre-workout.

My favorite product by far is the Body firming foam which has amazing and fast results. It has done wonders for my lower stomach around my stretch marks and c-section scar (3 years old). There were a lot of tiny wrinkles where jeans button and was extremely uncomfortable but I barely have any feeling in that area. It was very unsightly. After a week I noticed it was tighter, lighter, and firmer. After two weeks I noticed instant results when putting it on. After 3 weeks I noticed that it “seemed” the wrinkles were getting smaller/smoother. I felt stretch marks were fading. I eventually took pictures and the comments made me feel great. When looking at before and after pics I could really tell HOW much it actually worked and I wanted to shout it from a mountaintop!!!

I continue the products because it works and I believe in it as so many others do!!!