Team Savvy Society

Welcome to our family! Check out the following links to get started on your journey with us!

Launch Strong

A step by step template to getting your business started! PLEASE ASK YOUR SPONSOR TO ADD YOU TO THIS GROUP! The link won’t work until you have been added.

Dream Team Onboarding

Your one stop shop for getting started! This has everything you need to know to start your business STRONG! Make sure to check this out in your first few days.

The Savvy Society

This is our team group! We offer some training, challenges and incentives! Once you join this group make sure to fill out the new stylist questionnaire in the welcome post! And go through the units tab at the top! It’s a table of contents with everything you need to know!

Our Team Chat Group

This group is a place to ask questions, share ideas, give updates and all things that are not training specific for anyone on The Savvy Society!

Nailfies Group!

A Nailfie is a selfie of your nails! This group has thousands of pictures of Color Street on real hands taken by stylist! You are welcome to use any of the pictures in this group! These are great to use in your parties and VIP group! Use the magnifying glass to search for pictures of a set by style name.

The Original Graphics Group

This is an awesome group for graphics! You are welcome to use these graphics or use them as inspiration to make your own.

A Savvy Opportunity

This group talks about the ColorStreet opportunity! If you have someone curious about starting their own ColorStreet business send them the link to this group! It has lots of info and videos for them to watch! Refer them to use the UNITS tab! This group is also where we do team shoutouts!

Part 2

Now that you’ve got the basics here are some more important groups to be in!

The Dream Team

This is a super important group to be plugged into! Make sure to set this group to see all posts! Most training, info and tips happens here!

Monica’s Mock Nail Bar

This is an online party template that you can use for inspiration! Make sure to watch her training linked in the top of the group on how to use this template. This is by FAR the best template we have seen and has give those that use it great results!

Team Boss Babes

This group is run by 2 members of our upline! It has a LOT of posts everyday so we suggest turning notifications off. This group is a tremendous resource when it comes to questions! If you have a question search for some keywords in the magnifying glass and chances are you will find an answer! It’s also a great place to ask questions!

Basic Party Template

Although I HIGHLY recommend using Monica’s mock nail bar this is a great template to use in a pinch. It’s a little more basic than the Monica version and good when you are starting out or until you are able to make your graphics.

Official Stylist Group

This is the official group from corporate! You can find recordings of the Tuesday Trainings as well as other important company announcements here!

Recommended Readings

Here are some of our favorite personal development and network marketing books! Check back periodically as we do update this list! Personal development is SUPER helpful for your business and also helps your life! 😊

Business Supplies List

Recommended and optional supplies for your biz! Some are for mailing things some are for giveaways for your VIPs. Be sure to check the notes for the items as some can be found cheaper other places occasionally.