Team SRI 90-Day Launch —

We are Social Retail Influencers (Team SRI) and welcome to your 90-day launch!

90 Day Texting Info:
- The texting campaign consists of 90 days of daily texts.
- Random texts to promote promos or make announcements may be sent in addition to the daily texts.
- Text STOP at any time in which you want to stop the texts.

90 Day Content and your daily posting: you will receive instructions for creating different types of posts.
- Variety is key to keeping your social media authentic.
- You will be doing curiosity (sales) posts regularly, your audience needs to know you are open for business!
- You will also be doing “lifestyle” posts because your audience doesn’t JUST want to be sold to😉 you’ll get the hang of it!

90 Day Follow up: you WILL get interest from your posting so be ready to add them to the information funnel! Here are resources you can access for those who are interested
- Text info-line: When someone expresses interest in one of your product posts, send them to the info-line by having them text the word “INFO” to the number 808-202-2040.

- They will get 5 texts sharing info on our most popular products and before and afters. There are no links, just quick info and pictures. NO “real” names will be shared either. They will have to go back to you to know what the products are. The info-line will pique their interest lead them straight back to you👌🏽

- Group chat with your support team (this is one of the best ways to get your prospects info)

- Whole Wellness Approach FB Group

Click here to access FB group


DAY 1 POST: Excited selfie “I did a thing...” “this is me...”

Post a picture of yourself with a big smile or your version of what “excited and fun” looks like and post that picture with a comment about you being excited, ready to make change, finally focusing on you, taking on a new project, starting a new journey, really excited to share, stepping out of my box, doing something different...

Simply let your audience feel how empowered and excited you are and how you’ve made a decision to starting becoming the best version of you!

DO NOT PITCH or DO NOT SELL or “call to action.” This is just a simple picture of you being happy about you doing your thing!

Here’s some examples of Day 1 posts👇🏽👇🏽



Yesterday you wrote your first platform so today for day 2 you’ll write your first official curiosity post. It’s called “the spoon post.” We have 3 different versions of the spoon post, this is Spoon Post #1.

(Remember, when someone expresses interest you have a quick info-line you can lead them to. Have them text the word “info” to 808-202-2040)

Here are some examples of spoon post #1. Take a look, then we’ll explain how to write the post.