Coloring tutorial and fonts

Please give cc and tc because I made this

Hello my name is madi! This is my fanpage
Of charli, brook, madi, patty, dixie, and ellie! Thank you guys soooo sooo much for 400 i feel famous! But here is my milkshake website i hope you enjoy💕

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Im madi and this is my milkshake website 🥂

In this milkshake website you will see!🐻‍❄️

⩨ be you🐩
• bios
• captions
• fonts
• coloring
• about me
• my besties🥂

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Here’s my coloring, please give cc to @addscherie🍾

• First
You go to 24pfs I’m not sure of its on android sorry! But you import the filter hush ill have a video on my tiktok on how! Than you click the button thats green, blue, red, and white! Than you add the filter on your video!

• Next
Go to ultralight and add these setting (I recommend making a preset for it to be easier) Put clarity and -10, Sharpen at -10 and noise at -10 as well!

• Than
Go to B612 and find the filter “ ash 1 ” and make it to 80

• Last
Prequel: exposure is 50, highlights is 50, and shadows is 50. Add blur to you liking!
Next go to filters and find the one Oakland 2 and lastly go to effects and find the sparkels 1 and add to your liking! Again give cc to @addscheire she made this not me!🥂