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Looking for a side hustle or potential full-time income from your phone? I watched this video, said Yes, and saw mine and my family’s life completely change. If this video speaks to you, click the link to Apply to Work w/ Me at the button of the Links Page. 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼

Why Social Retail?

5 Reasons Why

Can you relate?

I looked in the mirror and just didn’t see ME anymore.

Flash back for me to almost 4 years ago, when my husband and I bought our dream house after being told children would be extremely unlikely for us. We signed on the dotted line and, of course, were blessed with the news that I was pregnant. We knew money would be tight between the dream home and daycare, but we would just “make it work”. You see, I’m a teacher and sponsor after school Theatre which includes, clubs, productions and contests, and my husband had his business, but it wasn’t enough, so I started working at a restaurant on Saturdays to try to keep up with all the bills we were starting to fall behind on.

In August of 2019, my husband lost his business and we went with just my 2 incomes and money he would get from odd jobs for 3 months. The stress killed me. I had gained 46 lbs while pregnant and was already winter chunky when I had gotten pregnant. Post baby, I was sitting at 170-175 on a body that had always been 138-144 and i tried everything, but could not lose the baby weight.

In time, my husband found a much better job and we started working to catch up on our bills. Stress was starting to subside, when COVID hit. Luckily both of our jobs were “essential”, but I couldn’t work at the restaurant when the shut down first occurred. 😥 So, of course, more money stress, but I decided to focus on the new found time I had. I could tell that stress was literally weight on my body.

One day, I had a breakdown in the Cabela’s dressing room. I had taken a size 10 and 12 to try on, but had to go back for a 14!!! How could 30 extra pounds do that much damage!?!?! Needless to say, I was a wreck after that and nothing my husband said to me, no matter how encouraging, supportive and reassuring he was, could change my mind that I needed help. I hated my own reflection in the mirror. I could not see the person HE thought was beautiful reflected back at me. After a very sleepless night, I told him that it was my turn to be selfish for once and find something, anything, to feel better about myself again. Later that day, I saw this post about a chocolate spoon. 🍫🥄

I did the research. I mean, seriously, ‘What’s the catch?’😂 The price kind of scared me, but my husband supported me and said we would make it work. He knew how important it was for me to feel good in my body again and had the mindset that this was an Investment in my health. (So supportive-🥰)

1st month in, only 5 pounds down, but I had dropped 2 pant sizes! Best part was I felt so much better in my clothes and looking in the mirror felt so good.

2nd month, total of 23 pounds down. 😱

3rd month, 31 POUNDS!

How? How did this tablespoon of chocolate goodness help me? There’s a TON of science behind it, but what mattered more was how simple it was to adapt my lifestyle to make it work. I didn’t do any restrictive dieting. I didn’t have to go work out and do extensive amount of cardio or weight lifting. It was so simple, that even with going back to face to face teaching in the fall I continued to lose weight and I’m now down 42 pounds! Down to a size 4/6 pant depending on the brand and a size Small Shirt instead of the Larges I had been accustomed to buying to hide the weight gain.

I feel sexy again! Now when my husband looks at me, I get excited, too. I have more energy to keep up with my toddler boy trying to run me ragged. I have more mental focus with my students! So many win-wins simply because I said “Yes” to the spoon.

I also said “Yes” to the business opportunity. After losing my 2nd income, we went right back to struggling. How do I pay for daycare, the back due bills, the insurance, cellphone, AND these supplements? I reached out to my friend who had gotten me started and told her even though I was losing weight, I couldn’t afford to keep going. She told me about the income option through the company and with our stimulus check, I signed on. Not only do I pay for all those pre-mentioned bills with this income, I’ve used this income to pay down more of our debt and I just bought a new reliable vehicle 🚙 to take my toddler around in.

Saying “Yes” to opportunities has become so much easier for me and feeling good in my skin again is how it all started. ❤️ I hope that YOU can feel better about yourself and your life when you look in the mirror too. 😘