Teigan E Makaua

Personal brand and abundance coach

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope isolation is treating you kindly and you are taking time out to tune into your soul desire and take a pause to decide what really matters and how you can create more joy and playfulness in your life.

I come from a strong corporate background, managing hotels for a well known international brand that originated in Paris. My career has been very
forfiling and I thrive working with teams and hitting goals whilst serving others.
Working in the corporate sector you are constantly putting in long hours and trading time for money. Your income is capped and there is no opportunity to earn more than your salary. Quite often executives experienced burn out and I’m all too familiar with the feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion.

I went back to work when my daughter was two and juggling work life and mum life can be challenging and filled with guilt.

I thought this was the only way to be successful and create wealth for my family until I met a friend who showed me another way. By creating a personal brand online she had leveraged the power of automation to create the wealth and time freedom I imagined! She was earning $10,000 per month by working an hour a day. Once joining the business I then discovered the true earning potential and power of online automation.

What’s even more magical is my whole mindset has shifted and I’m no longer focused on hustling and grinding but now am in perfect alignment and the flow of life. We work in a team of vibrant, kind hearted soultrepeneurs who come from all walks of life including corporate backgrounds, stay at home mums, hospitality and teachers who know the struggles of working long hours and trading time for money.

These women have completely changed their circumstances by creating a personal brand to monetise online.
The power of automation is real and accessible for everyone. These highly successful women are now seven and eight figure earners because they took the leap of faith to create a space online and continue to show up in an authentic way.

If you would like to join forces and co-create a further that will allow you to give back and serve others in ways you have only dreamt of please allow me to serve you and act as a conduit to create your dream life.

Teigan x