Tale of Solune

Story from soul

The question that I always ask myself is 'why I am here' so I live my life to find the answer and proved what I believe.

Before this life gone, I would like to leave something to made an awareness, if we are fall or lost again, there still had some work that will be the lighthouse for us, some work that there had a light within.


I always ask myself why I am here...
I live my life to find what is me by collected piece by piece from what I see.
All my experience, who I met, every minute passed by, made me to be me.

I graduated from King Mongkut's university of technology Ladkrabang, my major is communication and design, I love to drawing since I was young, my style was changed by the time.
I try out to find which style I like to present myself to the world and I found I love to draw a telling stories book.

When I was in high school I couldn't find myself anywhere, just thinking that I had to study hard for good opportunity then I choose to studied in math-science class, even I like art and languages more. Somehow I learn to thinking in science way, not only thinking in fantasy, I learned to bring my fantasy into reality.

In that time I think the career who use logic and art is an architect so I heading there but before I study in university, I had known about my major which I think it is closer to myself more then I change my decision.

After graduated, I worked in advertising agency that made me learn more what I like and don't like, I quit my job after 5 years to find out what I really love to do.

I were an art teacher and found this is the part of me, I love to share my knowledge.
In fact, I want to leave my knowledge and what I'd learn in this world before time out.

For follow my dream, I started to wrote the book for soul, even the time pass by, at least there had some guide like the lighthouse for someone who get lost.

This is the part of who I am and my book will tell what I'd learn and want to share to the world.

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My Thai articles are about philosophy, spiritual, art and living...it collected piece by piece from my experience so myself is the part of every thing I see.

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Tale of Solune : Missing moon

This story is about simple things around us, Solune came from 2 words, Sol and Lune which is mean to the sun and moon that give us energy in day and night, it was inspired by nature to let us feel the happiness that all around in little things. meaningful when you read it with someone you love.

Tale of Solune

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The flower in this collection is the flower that have a good meaning, it will made you have good luck, wealthy and happiness through your life.

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