✱Teli Hall ✱ 🤍⭐️🍵 🌸☀️🧡 ✱ Tiger Lily ✱

My Personal Aspirations and My Hopes for you ♡

Welcome to my life as a young, professional go-getter! My name is Teli, which phonetically translates to Tiger Lily, a beautiful freckled orange flower. I will be graduating from Vanderbilt University this May. Currently, I am interning at the deputy mayor’s office in Nashville with a focus on community engagement I love doing anything creative and being outdoors. Artistic, musical, and personal expression are important to me and I value individualization. Everyone has a purpose, we just have to set a goal and make efforts to excel. I am a girly girl at heart and love beauty and fashion. I am a creative at heart and have designed clothing and jewelry from a young age. Here’s the deal, I wanted a side hustle. My goal is to move out after graduation and get a nice, cozy apartment and a cute puppy. But what I have also gained is a network of like-minded women. As an only child I’ve always wanted sisterhood , and through being a market partner, I have found a vast network of women ready to help and empower each other. Please reach out to me and we can talk about anything . I’m interested in your beauty goals and what you want out of life. I’m here, ready to serve. Message me for details xo
Sincerely ,
Teli Hall (Tee-lie)