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Hi, welcome to my world!

My name is Temiloluwa, but you can call me Temsss. I am a fashion and lifestyle content creator and influencer. I am also a social media manager, and sometimes a model.

I am passionate about my work and I bring life into it. I have worked for brands such as Darling, 31womanelegantè, Bead vest, Jumia to mention just a few.

I bring my passion and energy when I am working.
I will love to create with you.

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I Think You Will Fancy Them Too!

Some of My Favorite Things Over Time

These are a few things/people that I love and I will love to have something with overtime ❤️

Recommendation #1

This instax mini is one thing I have grown to love this past few years. Everything about it puts me on the edge, it’s such a babe🥰

Recommendation #2

Issa Rae is just perfect, I don’t have the words

Recommendation #3

Bedge has to be my wedding photographer,everything about his pictures resonates with how I want my wedding pictures to be like( A dream)

Recommendation #4

Sheyeoladejo definetly has my heart with what she does with her hands, pure magic!

Recommendation #5

Someone great is one movie I will watch all over again.

Recommendation #6

Seen a perfect movie?
You should watch Me before you, a solid 10/10.

Recommendation #7

Someone I will love to model for if I had a chance?
David is that someone…..I want him to see me through his lens!!