About Me


Hello there!

My name is Stephanie Jhean K. Villaceran, 19 years old and currently a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science student in San Pedro College in Davao City.

Ever since I was grade school, I had aspired to become a doctor. It warms my heart to know that I could be of service and of help to others most especially in alleviating them from pain and suffering. On a similar note, I had also dreamt of having a business of my own. Though I am still undecided with what type of business that I would want to have in the future, I just recently opened my clothing shop, Sahnina Davao, where I will be selling my pre-loved clothes. Clearly, I have used Instagram to become a platform where I will be able to share my experiences and memories as well as promote products that I genuinely use. I love helping small businesses by promoting and using their products because I want to become a part of their journey as they grow, and be able to help them in some way towards their success in the industry.

Although both paths may seem like a very bumpy ride, I would just like to leave you all a note that I remind myself of every single day, and that is to seize every opportunity and never be afraid to explore and go out of your own comfort zone. No matter how long or tiring the road may be, keep on chasing your dreams no matter what. <3

With much love,


Here are my discount codes which you can use to purchase products from these lovely shops! I hope you can use them and tag them in your posts and stories!

My Fave and Recommended Instagram Shops for Accessories

These are my favorite local instagram shops and brands where I usually buy my accessories. They have a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets, and anklets that are of good quality and at the same time very affordable. Go check them out by clicking their corresponding sections here and you will immediately be directed to their profile!

P.S. Some brands here are brands that I have collaborated with while some are not. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!


Cielle, formerly Areusse, is a local jewelry shop from Cebu. I have been in touch with its owner and we have talked about how she came up with her business due to the pandemic. Not only are their pieces very pretty and beautiful, but the owner is super friendly as well! She is indeed one of the kindest shop owners I have ever interacted with. They previously offered only earrings and some necklaces, but now they are expanding their scope to not only offer jewelry pieces, but phone cases and many more! I can’t wait to see what’s in store in this one-stop shop!!

Chiisai Lab

Oh yes, CLAY AND RESIN ACCESSORIES!! Each piece is delicately formed and maneuvered by hand to produce such amazing results! I definitely love their gummy earrings which they told me weren’t supposed to be made in the first place. But since they had excess resin, they thought of doing such earrings and their “experiment” turned out to be one of their most-loved and even one of my favorite pieces from them! They still have so much more cute and pretty pieces to offer so better visit their profile now!

Tala by Kyla

If you’ve seen my Instagram stories, I bet you saw how much I am a fan of their pieces!! Not only are they unique, but each piece is carefully crafted and curated. They also have a new line which they called Tala by Kyla Men. By the way, I love all 6 TBK necklaces that I have and can’t wait to have even more!

Little Trinkets Co.

Cute, fun, and y2k earrings? That is their specialty! They offer a lot of different designs such as beer, dimsums, buttons, marshmallows, and many more! They also have a variety of metal blings too! I super love all their designs and only if I could, I would’ve bought them all. So, if I were you, I’ll check them out both on Instagram and Shopee right now!

Colleción Lucita

Their pieces are not only elegant, classy, and dainty, but you can tell that they are of very good quality! They offer not only gold-plated pieces but also irregular freshwater pearl earrings and necklaces! I super love their Mari necklace and Tati choker that they sent me. Do check their shop!


CLAY EARRINGS!!! They have a lot of cute designs and can even customize them for you! They have a variety of different colors to choose from as well! I super love their Knotted Stud Set and Jolene Heart earrings! Can’t wait for more of their designs! Such must-haves!!

Bijouterie Vintage

BEADED JEWELRIES AND CHARMS? I SAY YES!!! Not only do they have amazing pieces, they accept custom-made orders as well! I loved the cherry necklace that they made, as well as the other custom-made pieces I asked them to make. They are very accommodating to your requests as well!

La Caludres

From cute anklet pieces to earrings and necklaces, they got them for you! I most especially loved their Rayla anklet which is made out of seashells. Can’t wait to wear them at the beach soon!


From their name itself, you know it! Yes, they sell baddie-styled accessories for a very affordable price. From chains to flame chokers, they indeed have what you’re looking for! If you are a baddie at heart, you should definitely check them out!

Lustrous Davao

Offering a wide range and variety of jewelry pieces, this shop is one that you must visit! They have such pretty pieces that I fell in love with! Not only that, they also offer custom-made orders and they also have a physical store in Gaisano Mall Davao so make sure to visit and check them out!


You want fun earrings? Here is the perfect shop for you! I bought soju earrings from them (yes, you read that right!) Go check them for more cute ones as well as cosmetics and skin care products!

My Fave and Recommended Instagram Shops for Clothes

These are my favorite local instagram shops and brands where I usually buy my clothes especially this time of pandemic. They have a range of clothes from thrifted, pre-loved, to brand new that are of very good quality and at a very affordable price! You really have to check out these shops by clicking their corresponding sections here and you will immediately be directed to their profile!

P.S. Some brands here are brands that I have collaborated with while some are not. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Clothing by Jinkie

Looking for brand new and pre-loved clothes at a very affordable price? They’ve got the perfect pieces for you! Their collections are one of the few things I look forward to almost every week! Not just that, I highly suggest that you watch their live selling for discounted prices. Clothing by Jinkie is also currently selling their original corsets which is locally made. Such beauties!!

What a Girl Wants

Another store that I genuinely love is this! I also always look forward to their new collections. Not only do they sell various tops, but also denims, trousers, trackpants, bikinis, shades, and many more! This shop has it all!!

Wear Baddie

Never once did I have any complains with this shop! They also sell a variety of brand new pieces that are suitable for everyday use wherever you go. A sister brand of Lustrous Davao; you must visit them on their physical store in Gaisano Mall Davao!


Hips don’t lie! This is such a go-to store whenever you’re looking for denims and trousers. They have such high quality pieces for a very reasonable price. I’ve been looking for a shop that sells pants lately and I did not regret bumping into theirs! Truly you must check them out!!


Dresses? Tops? Sexy? You name it! From sophisticated pieces to simple yet sexy ones, thay have it! Ranging from formal wear to casual designs, this shop is a go-to shop for all occasions. Make sure to use my code for an additional 10% off your purchases!


A newly-opened shop that has just dropped their first collection. But believe me when I say they have amazing pieces too that I bought one immediately for myself! Selling at a reasonable price, this shop has lots of surprises waiting for us soon! Can’t wait for their future collections!


Another one-stop shop!! This shop offers not only tops and dresses but also pants, shades, and bags as well at an affordable price. Their collections are also one that I look forward to almost every week!


This shop also has it all! They sell pants and lounge shorts and also various tops. Not only that, they also have a collection of chic bags to choose from! This shop is a must check! Visit their profile now!

My Fave and Recommended Instagram Shops for Skin Care and Make Up

These are my favorite local instagram shops and brands where I usually buy my skin care and make up. From serums to collagen drinks down to eyeshadows and highlighters, they got everything you need. Go visit them by clicking their corresponding sections here and you will immediately be directed to their profile!

P.S. Some brands here are brands that I have collaborated with while some are not. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Bellisima Essentials

My one-stop shop for my hair essentials such as Babe Formula and health care product which I recently started using, The Diet Coach Ultra Collagen Drink! Aside from having sales and discounts, they give out freebies too! They also offer a lot more products so better hurry and check their profile!

Annyeong Beauty

Stumbled upon this shop and hit the jackpot to know that they are just very near me! They sell a wide range of Korean products from skin care to even merch!! What are you waiting for? Check them out now!!

Skin Heroes

Skin Heroes is a brand that has currently chosen me to become a part of their #SkinHeroesClub. Ranging from body products to lip products, this brand is definitely one that you should try! What I would really recommend is their Soleil Instant Fair Beauty Bar which whitens, softens, and lets your skin glow even in just one wash. Pair that with their Soleil Lotion Intensive Skin Whitening with Moisturizer for better results. Go check them out now!

Sooper Beaute

MY HOLY GRAIL especially with their Snail Serum + Tomato Extract and Vitamin B3 Serum + Tea Tree Extract & Vitamin E! These two have helped my skin glow!! Honestly so glad to have found such an amazing local brand. Not just that, they have their own make-up line too!

Detail Cosmetics

Offering a variety of cosmetics from lippies to eyeshadow palettes, this brand is indeed one of my faves! Make sure to check them out for surprise sales and discounts in Shopee and Lazada! Hoarded eyeshadow palettes the last time! Hehe

Issy & Co. Cosmetics

High quality and outstanding products for a very reasonable price is what you’re gonna get! I super love their make-up line especially with their stick highlighters! You must visit their profile this instant!

By Friends.dvo

Offering different lip products from HD Matte Tints to Magic Potions with varying shades, they have what you want! The only thing left to do is choose (or better yet get them all)! Visit their profile both in Instagram and Shopee now!

Fresh Formula

My holy grail for my underarms!! Yep, this should have been a secret! Been using their Sgt. at Arms Duo for quite some time now and I’ve seen visible results! They also offer a variety of skincare products and a sister brand of Colourette Cosmetics. If you haven’t heard about them yet, then I think this is a sign that you must check them out!

Squad Cosmetics

Another brand that has captured me with their beauty products! From their eyeshadow palettes to blushes and lip tints, they sell all these for a very affordable price! All their products are of good quality and is definitely a must-have! Be sure to check them out especially that they’ll be offering flash sales anytime!


Previously known as Unicorn Dream, Dream Face offers affordable products for everyone! They currently offer the Lip Puff, Dream Blush, and Dream Gloss. They also have a sister brand named Dream Skin which offers various skincare products so check them both out!

Pink Flash Cosmetics

Saw their brand initially on Shopee so I checked them out! They also offer different products from brow pencils to lippies, they also have everything you’re looking for! They also sell different sets or kits at a very affordable price!

My Other Fave and Recommended Instagram Shops

These are my favorite local instagram shops and brands where I buy other stuff such as shoes, bags, food, and even paid apps. To check them out, click their corresponding sections here and you will immediately be directed to their profile!

P.S. Some brands here are brands that I have collaborated with while some are not. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

J&S Handmade

Looking for hand-painted tote bags? They have cute and minimal designs for you! They can even customized it by putting your name on the bag wherever you want! Check their profile for their designs!

Scrambble by Chichay

The sought-after childhood favorite is brought back to life by Chichay! Not only do they offer the original strawberry flavor, but they have an ube variant as well! A must try!! It will definitely bring you back to your childhood! I suggest adding extra toppings for more fun!!

The Cookie Clique

Craving for cookies? A super easy to munch bite-sized chunky chewy cookies is what they offer! From the classic cookies to oreo cookies, they surely baked up some goodies that you can eat whenever and wherever you want at an affordable price! They currently have a new flavor which is still a mystery for now, so better grab ‘em cookies!!


Olivia Manila has offered different designs for flats, heels, and even loafers!! You better visit their profile and watch out whenever they go live! They usually sell their shoes for a lesser price and a free shipping when you buy 3 pairs!

Better Than Bare Philippines

Another shoe brand that I love! Providing comfort and style at a very affordable price, this shop is also my go-to brand! Check their profile and visit their Shopee account for more offers!!

Hola, Marie!

Love writing notes, to-do lists and more? Marie has got them all covered for you!! Offering different memo pads with super cute designs as well as waterproof vinyl matte stickers, you’ll definitely love the products they offer. If you’re into stationeries, then I suggest you check them out immediately!


By their name itself, you know what’s in store: PHONE CASES! (Apple products only) They have all sorts of cases from hard cases to soft silicone ones. They also offer airpods cases as well! Check their profile out if you’re a phone case hoarder! You’ll definitely love what they have in store!

Aegyo Premiums

Costly paid apps and premium accounts? Aegyo Premiums got your back! Selling at a very reasonable price, you won’t ever have to pay the full price again! Don’t you worry! All the apps and premium accounts they offer are legitimate and running!


Looking for a certain ebook? They can find it for you! Selling ebooks at a very cheap price, you’ll definitely have a mobile library on your phone! Check them out for their available books as well!

That’s it, loves!

I hope you love all my recommendations as much as I loved them! Keep safe y’all! xoxo -Tephy