For the last 10 years, I have been traveling all around the world on active duty in the United States Navy. As grateful as I am for the opportunity it has afforded me, I have a burning desire to be able to live life on MY terms.
I have always been a woman with many interests. A troubled teenager, I was angry by society’s pressure to decide on a single profession that would ultimately pave the way to living a certain lifestyle. My mother would frequently tell me “It’s always ok to change your mind.” I hated the thought of being thousands of dollars in debt for an education to do something I wasn’t entirely set on. How can you decide the right path to take when your heart pulls in so many different directions? That is me - emotional and passionate about a plethora of different interests. redeFIND affords me the opportunity to explore all of my interests and share my passions with the world. I used to be overwhelmed by not being able to decide what I wanted “to do” in life. What I have come to realize over the years, is finding out what I don’t want is an ok place to start. I don’t want to waste another minute of my life not being unapologetically ME. Divorcing the man I loved for being with another woman shattered my self-esteem and years of guilt and shame depleted my self-worth. Many moons have passed since and I have put in work traveling inward to find healing and growth. I have learned the obstacles on my path ARE my path, and above all - I am enough! I am REDEFINING the path to FIND myself and I don’t want to do it alone. I want my brand to be the inspiration for anyone in need of self discovery and a reminder to all, “It’s always ok to change your mind.” redeFIND is a symbol for kind hearts, open minds and a glimmer of hope for those who need to be reminded that even under the most trying of circumstances you can find something beautiful, yourself.

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My name is Terrin. I am a fiery spirited woman with a thirst for adventure.

The obstacles on my path are my path ~ I am enough.

This is the hub that will connect you to all that is me. Bring a kind heart, an open mind, maybe a little curiosity and you will always be welcome.