I am made up of love and light and a hint of glitter

Hi, nice to meet you my name is Terry

A few things about me
Essential worker
Self taught Mua

My life this past year has been a whirlwind of emotions , I have experienced lost in family and friends , loosing them made me a stronger person and made me see the world from a different point of view, I realized life is short and we should do what makes us happy, whether it be cake for bfast or bfast for lunch , we hold the power in our hands for a brighter fulfilling life and future, I live a busy life I am a mom to a beautiful little girl who has my heart , I am an essential worker who has worked and still is working through this pandemic, I am a creative person who uses her face and hair as a canvas to create new looks and try out new things , we create the world we want to live in .

I am Latina born and raised in New York City
My family is from the Dominican Republic and puertorico.

I believe success is in the palm of our hands and we can conquer the world and also make it a great place by being kind and staying humble , everything I do is for my little one to be able to give her everything and more that she deserves she is my inspiration and the reason why I want to continue to thrive , I am part of an amazing group of kings and queens we are changing peoples lives one wash at a time the company I work for is Monat a luxury vegan anti-aging company which features vegan haircare and skincare , if you would like to learn more and possibly come on board send me message.