My story on how I became the best version of ME!

Hey! It's Tess again!!! I have been asked so many times "how did you start your weightloss"
And the truth is....its not a simple answer like "I just did ABC and boom 65lbs gone" my story has a lot of ups and downs but I do want to share my beginning, my pivot, and my now! Let's go.

I was always the girl who would be wearing a big Hoodie or oversized clothing no matter how hot it was outside to try and "cover" up. I was a athlete all my life but no matter what I did....I just kept gaining. I was later diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis, and had no straight answer on how to control or deal with the flood of issues I was having...weight gain was the big one.

Years went on I was now out of high school and didn't have the sports and coaching structure that I once had so I jumped on the "fad diets" years went on and my health was declining. I then picked up some horrible habits like smoking cigarettes which I smoked a pack a day. Soda now was literally the only thing I would drink (dr.pepper was my jam) and I was on my own now, living on my own so going out to eat a lot.....fast food ...all the unhealthy things.
I was now over 200lbs. ..

Years went on with this very unhealthy lifestyle of yo-yo diets and horrible eating habits, smoking, not getting enough sleep...I started to lose my hair..I had alot of bald spots on my head.
I said "this is enough " and I started cutting out smoking and the fast food and soda... I felt better but still was over 200lbs.

I kept moving forward and just kept making those small changes of moving my body and making healthier choices.

The major (pivot)
I was introduced to a company with clean ingredients that aligned with the changes I already made. I figured "what the heck" since it had a 30 day money back guarantee...within my first month I dropped 15lbs. This was huge for me !! To see actual shift on the scale and felt the difference in my clothes!! I was ecstatic.
My family and friends were making comments on how great I looked. ....so I kept going.

8 months later I dropped a whopping 65lbs. No longer covering up in oversized clothing, I wear the damn shorts !!! And I feel amazing. I now have a great relationship with food, I love to workout now, and I now have my miracle baby to teach how to stay active and make those healthy choices to fuel our body.

There was 100% effort on my end..but I am a firm believer that the effort, and quality products can make a world of a difference. And my pictures are the proof that it does work!!!

You dont have to feel defeated! You don't have to settle!

All it takes is the 1st step. And I will be there every step of the way!

About Tess

Mom to my amazing adventurous miracle baby!
Wife, stay at home mama. From struggling and hating the 9 to 5 routine, to living MY life on MY terms and having fun doing it.

Adventure seeker.β›° Camping obsessedπŸ•
GOAL: to travel to every single National Park!🌲

4runner girl. Love to overland. If there is a dirt road im taking it πŸ€™πŸ»

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