Statewide Actions

Here’s how you can make a difference

People's Hearing

Texans suffered when the grid failed during Winter Storm Uri. Now the Public Utilities Commission is leaving us out of the process to fix what went wrong.

We demand access to the PUC hearings.

Native land map

Have a look at the local indigenous people and their regions all across Texas.

Check your voter reg status

We're approaching election season and to make your voice count you have to be registered to vote.

Check your status below!

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TFN Lege Watch

The first of this year's special sessions of the Texas Legislature is here.

TFN will be there to once again mobilize against a divisive agenda that does nothing to improve the lives of Texans, and to take notes to hold lawmakers accountable at the next election.

TFN Rapid Response Fund

TX Lege Special Session is starting - help us sustain the fight by donating

Environmental Justice Explorer

Check out our new tool to provide Texans with accurate info about climate change and pollution drivers in our communites. Best viewed on desktop.


Millions of taxpayer 💰 bailed out the fossil fuel industry in 2020 while Texans struggled.

Support our communities, not corporations.

Recall CPS Energy

Put the ‘public’ back in public service.
Petition is for registered San Antonio voters only.


Texas Rising is a campaign developed by the Texas Freedom Network (TFN) to uplift the voices of the rising electorate, 18-29 year olds, across the state.

Over the last decade, Texas has seen a strong shift towards an out of touch, radical right political agenda. This agenda has launched attacks on reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, and public education, among others.

Through linking progressive issue advocacy to civic engagement organizing, we believe that young people can mobilize a new generation of informed and motivated voters eager to participate in the democratic process.

Texas Rising 101:

We’ve continued to organize our student communities at every moment necessary throughout the pandemic, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. Here are a few ways to connect with Texas Rising at your college or university!

Texas Rising is the leading organization for young progressives in Texas who want to make our state as progressive as we know it can be.

Whether in-person or virtual, Texans are heading back to school - and you can bet that our chapters will be there ready to connect with and organize young people at colleges and universities throughout the state.