Thadonias Roman

Name: Thadonias Roman

Nicknames: Thad

Age: 20

DOB: June 3rd, 2000

POB: Athens, Greece

Gender: Male - He/Him

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Grecian

Nationality: Greek

Languages Known: Greek, English

Voice Claim

Physical Appearance and Personality

What and Who I Am

General Description: He has cropped black hair and brown eyes. He has a fairly large nose which is normal for most greek people. His face is almost long, much like most characteristics of greek individuals. He is tall-ish and looks lanky, yet is fairly strong even if he does not look it at all really. His teeth are straight and almost perfectly white, as his dental hygiene is important to him. He has a clear complexion, which is just slightly slightly sunkissed.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 170 lbs

Extras: He has one tattoo of a bird on his upper right arm, it is in remembrance of his family and is really important to him. He also has a small mole on his neck, which he has had since birth.

Attire: He is pretty much casual and lax with his style, choosing to dress down in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, with some sneakers. However, when he needs to dress up, he can. He often chooses suit combinations, or even turtlenecks and dress pants paired with fancy watches or shoes.


Personality: Thad is often seen as serious, taking his schooling very seriously, as it is very important to him and his family. He is a pretty social individual, finding it easy to talk to others most of the time. He thinks logically, and makes all choices using logic rather then this emotions. In fact, his emotions don't come out very often at all. He seems distant, yet is still pretty friendly and nice to others. He prefers making connections to other, and keeping those connections. He can be a bit of a flirt, but much like his connections, he does not like flings and prefers real relationships. Not something fake and quick lived. He is trustworthy and loyal, never spilling a secret or betraying someone he considers a friend. He is honest, and blunt, and will not sugar coat the truth, yet he is not mean with his words, making sure to not sugar coat them but also to not deliver them in ways that could come off wrong and hurtful

Positive Traits: Friendly, Confident, Determined, Focused, Loyal and Trustworthy

Neutral Traits: Serious, Honest, Blunt, Real

Negative Traits: Closed, Impatient, Insensitive (at times), Inaffectionate

Likes: School Work, Leading and Debating, Crossword Puzzles, Going out with Friends, Family

Dislikes: Following, Loud Pops and Bursts of Color, Screamo Music, Screaming in General, Liars

More About Me

All The Little Things

Habitats/Mannerisms: Is an excessive foot tapper all the time, anywhere. Also tends to chew on the end of his pen. He isn't nervous, these small actions just help him focus, he also sometimes rolls up and down his sleeves at times.

Hobbies; Crossword Puzzles, Archery, Swimming, Debating with Others, Hanging with Friends

Fears: Fear of small places and heights.

Health Information: He has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It unfortunately has no cure, but it doesn't stop him with his day to day activities. He just has to be careful to avoid getting hurt as his skin will not heal as everyone else's will.



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