This is for my new good friend :)

Yes it's a she!

Yes Miss K!
It's about you.
Wohoo heheh

About her!

She loves children!
She love roses
She loves her dog (possibly other dogs too)
She like sparkling water.
Her friends describe her as a 'bitch' or 'hot mess'

But I'll say few more things abt her as listed below

She is sweet!

She is hot!

She is kind hearted

As the image say

She is funny, goofy and silly!
Makes me smile and laugh

Nicknames of you

Miss K
Kengie (not by me)
Sexy fit gal
Miss MoBoNo

This is for you Miss K —

Thank you for being my friend and making me a small part of your life. Hope ya keep smiling and spreading smiles :) 😘 Thank you to make me smile :)

Merry Christmas in advance also Happy New Year

Bet ya forget abt this website.. and slowly forgetting abt me too I guess.
Miss you Miss K.

Idk if you do, coz the action says something else.
Sure ya miss that clock... Excuse the L

Got few things to let out. But I can't. Just feeling kinda sad and bad haha
Oh well
No one's here so it wouldn't matter anyway.

Take care

Pretty special you were,are and will be in the foreseeable future. Lol. Because forever is a lie.

Oh points towards the home address I sent
I mean yeah haha

And shed a tear or two for you
Maybe I'm just overthinking and stuff
But still kinda hurt...

Wanted to write few things
But emotions and thoughts flowing in and through so fast..

Oh yes got it

Now I enjoy.. I don't enjoy the position of being one of your fav any longer

And not your fault but mine

I mean who would wanna be talking to someone all day who has no motivation. No determination. Is boring and dull all day long everyday. Nothing to add to conversation.
So yep obviously any person would do the same..
It's my fate to be down in every list

I guess now this will be the proof that I think of you..

Yes even if ya don't want to talk me I need to talk to you

I wonder if you ever by chance stumble upon it...when eventually we grew apart and become strangers again ..
Will there be a rush of emotions?..and few tears rolling down the face?... whispering that I miss that guy... wishing for things to be different and maybe a little guilt and some regret?

In ya tweet ya say you learning to keep ya self first. I'm glad and happy and up for it.

But why does it hurt me!? When ya don't talk to me. But be active on tweet

No messages on my DM. But flirting with someone on the TL. Don't mind and don't care abt that but

So much for missing me that we have gone without messaging for a day and two many times...
Even now it's just hi hello and goodnight

At least I show think of you..and hence I tell goodnight and good morning every other day.

But I'm ignored and kept on read... Now I have become a mundane thing for you
So much for being the home screen.. but never seen it.. excuse me..but my upset mind does doubt it..if I was ... perhaps not favourite anymore

Maybe I'm this stupid asshole attention slut.

Now I think maybe I shouldn't have joined twitter... Or maybe shouldn't have connected with anyone
Being a jerk definitely has its perk

Oh my wow this is the third time tears is in my eye...

Bearing the burnt of my own expectations from everyone and the society..

I'm so changed

Once a jolly boy, now just feel seems so estranged.

Definitely lost a bit of me anytime anyone close went away.. coz I think I give it all in but idk.
Maybe just in my mind I'm Saint.. but in reality I'm a pain
But who's to say?

And ya sent me a pic of you on snap.
Cute and lovely
But I know again you gonna be disappeared for day or two.
I wonder if ya will wish me Christmas or not.
Let's see..

But I guess it's all me and my stupidity cum overthinking....

Maybe I just need to hear few words from you..

But whatever I said has been happening for 4-5months..


I'm so confused and conflicted

I seriously shouldn't have existed
And it wouldn't make a difference in the world.

Fuck overthinking.

Know that I miss you.

I have deactivated account twice or thrice, but you never seemed to miss me or never asked why I deactivated.

Hurts to slip away from the favourite position.
Do miss you..

Man I'm so confused right now...

Reactivated my account, coz Christmas...wanted to find some joy!

And talked to you...
You again said that one of your fav person!

Idk why?
I'm just boring, dull and got nothing fun to say ...or anything interesting to add

But yes I smiled again..

Girl im so sorry...for misunderstanding things...

But my mind is so fucked up and I'm so stupid...

Idk if I'm in the wrong...or is it just some misunderstanding and miscommunication

But there's some sadness in me..but smile on my face..
Take care 😘❤️

I'mma stop writing more on here for now..

Had it kinda suppressed..let it all out...

Maybe I just got jealous or something..
Stupid me and my mind..
Ignore me..

But yeah I hope nothing changes between us.. because of this

Ok so yeah .
Lol asked if ya will be with me under misletoe... ignored the question.. then I pointed you out after indicating abt twice (in all 3 times).. the response was yes..
But to me it sounded ingenuine ...
Kinda made me sad
And I said to you too that it seems forced yes and you didn't fight it.. or again just ignored it..

Idm if I'm not the one you want under the mistletoe... But would mind.. if there's something else in DMs...and something other in your mind/heart.

For all I know you won't lie to me..
But sorry... My mind is making wanna die

Misletoe or not

I surely wanna kiss you.


Fuck. There's a page missing here!

I posted one more page. But it's not there.

You ask how do I know that?

Well I visit here sometimes. Where else would I go? Told you .. sometimes I need to talk to you. Lol

So yeah in that post. I was upset jealous whatever.

I ended it with saying that the strawberries are now not for me but for you to show off to someone else something like that.

And now the water heater. Lol that's substitution for something I feel

And negative reply to showing thy boobs. Nothing wrong in that... But just... lol. Thought I would get one in DMs even if there's no on the tweet.
But only one person didn't get negativity reply. Lol. So yeah. Ugh. Jealous. Haha.

Lol. Well you said you is available till 5th. Let's see how much you chat with me and be naughty.
Idk. Maybe it'll give me indication (in my mind and not your actual indication) how much ya actually want me to be there.. idk

It was nice before July. We talked much and had fun.
And then after that. It just went down for me...
It was no fun on my birthday either. Thought to I'd get to talk to you on call or something. But nope. There was no naughty as far as I remember. I made this site for you... But I don't think you were as excited as me. But okay. lol.
And sorry I have forgotten your birthdates

Just as I tweeted:
Lol. I just gotta get over the fact that she likes and enjoys with someone more than me..

Not hard.
Stupid brain.

Well good morning y'all

Take care.
Sorry to/for
bother you
Annoy you
Being stupid
Just everything.

Want ya to be happy and smiling.

Don't worry. I'll be fine.
I have a habit of breaking my own heart.

The random ignorance.
Selective response!

Sad thing for me is...

Wish you lots and lots of happiness! :)

And oh.

This is inspired by ya.:

Omg you are cracking me up
8:56 PM
Or someone would say it is lightning up fireworks. ( Okay I only is saying so. In short I mean you is fireworks. )

"Your laughter to me is like fireworks
Gets me riled up
Every time
Oh it's beautiful..
it's so beautiful to see you smile
(That precious smile worth thousand diamonds or worth walking over thousand miles)
That smile's like a projectile... Making my heart go boom boom...
Vroom vroom
Revving up my heart.... beating so fast..
Oh its a blast
I wish that your smile forever last... :)"

Okay so from Christmas till now...

I'd say no pics from you... Or a video on Christmas as you said in the message you would send. But I know that wasn't going to happen anyway
I definitely asked for picture of you dressed for Christmas...but all I got was just normal you.. idk if you dressed or didn't...but oh well...
Neither any naughty from you...that's have reasons..

And yeah you know why I said that when I be naughty and said I feel like I bother you...
Because of your reaction...bland.. no excitement... Your response be.. cum and you will better.. well duh. Thanks...but... never mind

The spot has been given to someone else..

You take care

So this is me after telling you I posted stuff on here..
All I can say is forgive me ... Lol maybe forget me too.


Just being an ass.. stupid and all..

I know you are busy with your life and everything...

Wish I was busy too... So that at least I wouldn't bother you.. or anyone for that matter.

I'm sorry. That's all I can say.. idk.

Be well. Stay happy and smiling.

Come to think of it... Reminds me of irl friends.

Lol they be enjoying without me and all..

I then always say... it's not abt busy or's abt priorities coz I have seen... If they want..they could have made it happen or at least made an effort.

Well I see you not reacting much to my tweets and all but of others. Haha
Well that kinda... Eh

Well I certainly realized
I'm not able to stimulate the mind or the body.
Just a dull ,dumb boy I am.

Edit: lol you didn't realized or cared or was busy or something...but been shit posting since last 3-4 days I guess... And neither you paid any attention...nor the others that used to talk haha. Only one tried.... You only asked when I said so in the DMs.

Well hope if you go through my tweets.. maybe they make sense after reading all this? Lol. Idk.
I doubt you even...

Okay.. let's ignore the bad thoughts.

I hope you be well and happy

Well glad to share... Feel a little light.
Surprising response from you
But it's still there..
Your tweets are never abt me... But it's okay.. kinda... . let's hope my mind gets it so does my heart
Best wishes to you.. and everybody around ya

Oh let's see how things go till 5th... What to do if the same thoughts wander in mind?

Maybe it be time to say goodbye?

But I doubt there be any major change in you. I mean in certain things... Don't get me wrong

Well I can't complain you have your own... nor change you.. all I can do is run away.. and make faces on the pillows.

Feel like I'm right abt certain things I said haha idk.

So as much as I like you to react to every message in DM... That didn't happen..

Well... I want it maybe coz that's what I do too. But okay...

And lol maybe the water heater was just a water heater...but I was right abt them strawberries!


Oh I sent you this in the DM too
But no reaction.
It's okay.. you don't have to react to all and you your own issues.
I'm not's just wanting more I guess.
All I am is dumb haha

"You know what... something definitely changed... Lol where I thought when I would first meet you.... We would kiss and all....and ummm 🙈🙈😂. But feels nothing like that will happen. Maybe I was stupid to think so in the first place. Right? And I know we may never meet... But still. Oh well. Lol sending it here instead of posting on the website"

So now actually posted it on the website. Haha.

And I guess.. you have your own thing going on with someone.. just like everyone has some different kind of vibe/thing going on with everyone....
I feel like I was ... I had that... Kinda..
Not anymore
I see you avoid it with me
Kinda hurts
But... Let it be!


Hello Sweet Miss K.

I'm sorry for everything.
Sorry for being jealous.

Ah I needed the hug too.

Wish you loads and loads of happiness.

My mind idk will just play with me...

Stay sweet,lovely and happy.

Love you!
As a friend of course haha.

Sorry to overwhelm you.

And ouch
My love you is ignored 😅😔😂
Oh well..

Still it be true right now.

I'm sorry that I'm just. ... Whatever I am.

Being my friend is tough. Right?

Lol I just usually share my thoughts. My emotions. The jokes and stuff I find. My own stupid jokes and stupidity...

And blow up your phone.

I thought you seeing my name pop up would bring a smile every time. Or something like that..
Coz it does to me .. though honestly sometimes the responses are not exciting as I want.. (ps. Just telling you.. letting my emotions out good or bad whatever it is. Not complaining or trying to make you feel bad or anything.. it's just in me.. I'd love to tell you in DMs... But then as I said.. I guess it be overwhelming for you and I don't usually get replies to all.)
So yeah... 😅😔

And it's so hard to gauge your emotions tbh... :(
Idk.. maybe you kinda feel distant... ..
Or are you trying to be?


So sometimes my own thoughts make me think that me sharing abt my thoughts was bad idea.. :/

I'm sorry for me and my stupid thoughts. ..

But I hope that are glad and everything that I'm still here...
If not...then what's my use here...what even I'm doing right?

Would like to end it by saying love you.!
But.. it won't be acknowledged by any reaction which I can see...
I just hope there be a smile on your face whenever you think of me..
I just wanna contribute at least that much in your life
And girl. Open up... Fucking just... Do it ...

Coz then I think stuffs abt what are you thinking.. and then sometimes there me some misunderstanding... And all..
I'd so much like to know fully abt you . Everything....
But eh....

Abt naughty and stuff. I tried.. but no response. Neither yes nor no
Idk what to do abt that
If I get a clear answer..or indication..that sure will help

Sometimes I feel like I give all in...where as people be there...but playing check...and not calling!

(Not particularly abt you... But in general.. be it real life too)
My thought process is like..
Lol never mind.. you probably won't be back on here ever again.. .
Umm did you lost the website again?lol. Kidding.
I liked how you was please please when I mentioned abt the site.... idk. It made me feel wanted..
And who doesn't like to be wanted.

Again sorry for so many messages... and Me
Idk if I should smile right now or not...
Told ya.. mixed emotions