My story

Diabetes Advocate. Mental Health and Vitiligo Advocate. Skincare Enthusiast. Law Student.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 6, I always felt alone and lonely. I decided to use my story to advocate for diabetes and to bring people with diabetes together to make life easier when diagnosed with diabetes. This is purely going to be about my journey and I’ll be sharing my personal journey with diabetes with you. I hope that through this, people with diabetes will feel less alone and my blog will be able to touch on topics that are not commonly spoken about in the diabetes community.


Diabetes is just like a road: it’s not always straight and things will not always go your way, but you need to keep going and a certain point you actually do start enjoying it. So make the best of it and enjoy the journey.

You are not alone. 💙

Insulin @ 100

Dexcom G6

Hey guys. So I have been given the chance to trial the Dexcom G6 and I’ll be sharing my journey using it on my Instagram account. Be sure to follow me on Instagram.


Hey guys. Please participate in the Blue Balloon Challenge as proceedings will be donated to Children with diabetes who are in need of insulin, testing strips and diabetes supplies. Each time these instructions are followed, 5€ is donated. Please please participate.

Skincare + Diabetes

Higher BG levels lead to dry skin and lucky for me, Clarins has helped me in keeping my skin nourished.

Clarins South Africa


Happy New Year.🥳🎉

Podcast Tuesdays.

Every Tuesday, I’ll be adding some of my fave podcasts onto my highlights. Please do check it out!


Help us end diabetes stigma.

Limpopo Tourism

Some travel content showing some of South Africa’s hidden gems.

Canopy Tour at Magoebaskloof. 11 swings over the Letaba River in the Limpopo Province.
Definitely worth every minute.

Recommendation #1

Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours.
Zip lining. 11 swings over the Groot Letaba River.