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hi my name is Casey! I made this milkshake website for 20k followers. About me now. I am 12 years old and I love watching tv shows and movies! some of my favs are riverdale, pretty little liars, mean girls, kissing booth, ackley bridge and alot more! I’ll do face reveal at 25k and main account at 35k. I have 5 pets too!

My account
I love all my supporters so much, I appreciate every single one of you. I didn’t think I would reach this far. I post tips and advice. I’m not changing my user for water mark purposes and I like it how it is. I try and help people and I take requests from anyone!

appreciation post and alot of shoutouts!

Goal - 50k
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I love all my supporters!

Massive shoutout

I want to give a massive shoutout to for amazing help and supporting me through everything and helping me with lives and videos. It’s of of my mates tiktok account not an actual website haha. we’re very close friends in person. All go follow her!


my colouring tut!

app : prequel

exposure: 100
saturation: between -20-45
glow: 20
haze: 15
filter: miami
effect: stardust

save that video then go back onto prequel
then add
miami filter again
and add bling effect

miami settings; filter 100
the colour blur : 0

stardust settings: scatter: 100
scale: 20 rotation: 11
the filter is 100!

bling effect settings: intensity 100
scale: 0 rotation 0 filter: 50
grain, bloom, dispersion all 0