About me:)

So... Here's the story of my fanpage..

First up i started with a charli fanpage.. It all went well at first.. Then.. I got my first hater (which of course, is one of the boyz) then after getting a few haters, i found out who are the boyz. Okay so.. After some time.. I started liking avani too.. I thought of switching to avani.. Yes. But after a day i started missing charli again. Soo i switched to a bebkin. But then all the other tiktokers also got my interest. So.. I made a multi. After a long time of being a multi, i suddendly started feeling that being a multi is a little too much. So.. I switched to a sunkin, after that.. I became an angel. But i started missing charli again. So i was an angel and a dunkin. But soon i realised that loren doesn't make me as happy as char. So i switched to charli again. After some time of being a dunkin, i hit my goal. Yes. I hit 1K!! I was litterally crying. Now, i am with a smile on my face, In the PERFECT fandom for me. And.. I am telling EVERY fanpage not to be afraid to switch and more. If you get hate, just ignore it. I experienced a lot and go on my Account on tiktok which is @.sparklesmultix for some positivity.