Birthday Girl 🍭


HAPPY 2022!✨🍾🥳

I don’t give a shxt! 🤘🏽

This year we will no longer be worried about how we look! 💋
This year there will be no New Year’s Resolutions to aid to our anxiety with the stress of obtaining these goals!
This year we will not expect broken and damaged behavior from any relationship.
This year we are putting our mental health first, take that day off, pamper yourself, speak your truth baby!!

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My Mental Health Awareness

Change my thought pattern
For example, I took a career pay cut and had let depression my old friend move back in because I was freaking out! WTF was I going to do with less diñero?! I had grown accustomed to life with a certain amount of diñero! 😫 I was crying I felt like a whole damn bum! Depression was there to negatively comfort my aching soul! My poor family! I was a bxtch the entire time! I just couldn’t help myself, I was panicking and wanted everyone to sing the same damn song with me! But no one did! Kudos to them! I was a Broke ass mess! Then finally, I could remember when my kids were little and I was on welfare and I was getting $236 a month and made it stretch, I didn’t even have a job back then because I couldn’t afford childcare and was still waiting on my childcare vouchers. But anyway, Soooo “Why in the fxck?!” Was a pay cut breaking me! I had become bougie! 😌 I was use to the mentality “Spend a check and get it right back!” Versus stretching and becoming very frugal with mi diñero. I love Walmart and their cheap ass groceries but I also love shopping for other things in the Wally World. It’s hard for me to go in there and focus on groceries! It’s a damn struggle to be completely honest! I JUST FXCKING LOVE SHOPPING! 😫🤣🤣🤣 So I’ve resorted to grocery shopping on the Walmart app and picking them up this helps cut out the time of wondering around Walmart for hours putting shxt I have convinced myself that I so called NEED RIGHT NOW! 🤣🤣🤣

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Recommendation #2

Sit quietly and rethink the situation. I nanny and she’s a pretty awesome kid so I have plenty of time to think things through!

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Recommendation #3

Put my thoughts into actions- It’s time to move around differently. Depression cannot stay, they have already Obed stayed their welcome and it’s time for them to go!

Recommendation #4

Realizing I’m not doing this alone.

Birthday Vibes

Ok so now that I’m a year older, am I supposed to have it ALL together???? Asking for a friend! 🤣
You know how when your 30 something, society says you should have your life ALL together…
•Substantial amount of money in savings
•High paying corporate job
•Paying mortgage and not renting
•Driving the latest car (fully loaded)

BUT…. What if you don’t have these things? Have I failed? What if I don’t really care for these things? What if I want to focus on what time I have here in earth?

To completely transparent my savings account has a love hate relationship
I have no interest in a corporate job
Im fine with paying rent because purchasing is very huge commitment that I’m definitely NOT ready for

So I’m saying this to say, don’t allow others or society make you feel like you need to keep up with everyone else or have it all together with your life all figured out. Someone else’s dreams may be different and that shxt is okay! You DON’T have to have everything all figured out!
(I’ve been a mom since I was 17, now that my kids are grown, I’m getting to know and learn myself all over again. SN: This has been a struggle for me) Now one year older, I just want to live and enjoy my hippie life! Oh and when I do decide to buy a house I want it to come with a good bit of land so I can have a mini farm! 🤘🏽🤣😍😌