Doughnuts doughnuts doughnuts

Easy homemade doughnut recipe

Spring time food

My favourite spring time recipes

When I think of my favourite seasonal foods in spring I think of red crispy radishes and fresh cheese, green onions and wild garlic, nettles and berries. I think lamb dishes, eggs and spinach, lots if young greens, salads and fresh flavours to wake your senses after the long cold winter.

Beautiful greens

A fresh spring take on the italian pesto with foraged wild garlic.

A new take on the old potato salad

If I think about a quick food with the fresh taste of spring time I think of this potato salad - no heavy mayo included. Peel and chop potatoes after boiling them in their skins, add sliced hard boiled eggs, chopped green onions, parsley or dill, sprinkle lots if olives and add a dressing of salt, pepper, oil and white wine vinegar.

Berries and quark cheesecake

A light fluffy take on the heavy cheesecake. I love Quark cheese, it is light and fat free and perfect for puddings. A traditional Easter cake, I make a sweet yeast dough and fill it with a cheese, sugar, egg mixture. Add raisins, lemon peel and a bit of Cointreau in the filling for a cheeky twist and serve with fresh berries. Yum.

Roasted peppers and tomato soup

Homemade, easy recipe

Seasonal & budget friendly

Leeks and olives stew recipe

Five ingredient, seasonal dish #feedthenationinisolation

5-6 leeks, finely chopped
A jar of olives (I used salted Greek ones)
Two spoons of oil
Chopped tomatoes
Dill to garnish

Slice the leeks and pop them in a pan with the oil, sweat them well then add the chopped tomatoes, the tomato tin full of water and let them gently simmer until the leeks are completely soft. Add the drained olives - if the olives are salty you don’t need any added salt. Let the stew simmer for 5 more minutes. Add chopped dill, serve with nice bread or polenta. The sauce is perfect for dipping bread.
Bon apetit!

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Gnocchi & wild garlic pesto

Wild garlic, parsley, walnuts, olive oil, lemon juice


Amateur cook with Balkan roots

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Sweet and twisted. Korean doughnuts

Sweet deep fried dough heaven

A yeast based fluffy dough 😍 with three cups of flower, six spoons of sugar, three spoons of butter and a cup of milk.

Baking madly

Bread and sweet treats from the oven

Dutch oven white flour and rye bread

Crusty and a bit nutty in flavour, with caraway seeds. A gigantic loaf which cuts well and tastes delicious.

Vegan challah

The secret is fragrant coconut oil. A simple knot of sweet soft bread for breakfast.

Apple upside down love

A yoghurt based sponge with caramelised apples - the most popular cake in our household.