Hi! I’m Tracy!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet 😆

Here’s a QUICK rundown of me 👇

✖️I was a broke and bankrupt teacher from a corn field. 🌽
✖️I learned how to monetize my social media and turned that into a multiple 6-figure business (Tracy Laughard, LLC, at your service 😉)
✖️I’m an online marketer and full blown social media nerd 🤓
✖️I’ve taught on multiple stages teaching others how to build a personal brand and a business on social media 📲
✖️I’m a self-development junkie 📚
✖️I’m a mama of 2 autistic littles 🧩
✖️I’m a total Enneagram 8 with a wing 7😎
✖️I’m definitely a Converse hoarder 👟
✖️I’m a full blown tattoo lover 😍
✖️I also may have a serious potato chip addiction 🤤

Boom. Turns out, I’m not just ONE thing. And you probably aren't either.

When I started building an online business over 5 years ago, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and didn’t even have a social media account in my name.

But I knew what I was doing wasn’t an option any longer.

Continuing to work in a job that took time away from my kids who needed so much wasn’t an option.

Making just enough money to stay completely broke wasn’t an option.

My mission and my goal is show you that you have OPTIONS.

I completely changed my entire life and business by utilizing the power of social media and online marketing.

I wanna help you grow an income entirely online by monetizing your beautiful brain, building your personal brand, and utilizing courses & digital products.

Wanna start now? Sweeeeet. Let's go!