That’s the Michi

This is my opinion and thoughts on a Michelada

I’m a young Latina who loves Micheladas❣️ Micheladas are like Bloody Mary’s but contain beer instead of vodka. I always order it with a Corona. I go to different restaurants and always order a Michelada. I’ll rate and describe what I did or didn’t like about the Michelada.
These are mostly served at Mexican restaurants so I’ll mostly be describing Mexican food and drinks. I like to give my opinions on the restaurant itself and the food.
This is just to pass time during quarantine. Hope you all enjoy my silly thought.

El Tiempo

Rated: 10/10

This place has the best Michi’s❣️
The spices in it are good at the end of the drink you’re not left with all the spices at the bottom that you practically choke on. The lime to spice ratio is fabulous! The best and most tricky part of making a tasty michi is getting the right amount of the michi mix to beer ratio. Let me tell ya, they make it just right!
Unfortunately, I can’t praise all the locations. There is only one location that makes it just right. This spot is the Richmond location in Houston. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.
And That’s the Michi❣️

La Tapatía

Rated: 4/10

Let just get straight to the juice. So this rated poorly because 1) the smell is straight up bad 2) so many spice flakes roaming around 3) definitely not enough lime juice; this is critical long story short the ratios are just not right.
I always give anything a second and third try. Sorry to say it doesn’t get any better.
A little back story of this restaurant, this is a new location that opened up in Sugar Land, TX. The food presentation was great. I ordered a ceviche as an appetizer and wow 10/10 on that. So delicious 😋 I’m so picky with Mexican food b/c I was raised on authentic Mexican food. Like right on the border to be exact. Any who, the Mexican rice here is one of the best I’ve had since being here in Houston.
Sorry this post is getting long, I do have to add that this location is limited in choices such as, the aguas frescas you can only choose lemonade. I can’t remember other things on the menu that is limited, but once you’ve gone here three or more times you kind of get tired of the limited menu. Leaving on a good note, I have to recommend the desserts here they are to die for.
And That’s the Michi❣️

La Mexicana

Rated: 5/10

To be fair, depending where you order a michi you can either receive a michelada or a chelada. The difference between these drinks is that one will have tomato juice and other spices and the other will be more simple only containing salt and lime. So to my surprise I ordered a Michelada and received a chelada 😝 this can be fine when, like I always say, the ratios are right. This was literally pure lime juice. This was so much I felt my teeth losing their enamel, my stomach got ulcers. Obviously this didn’t actually happen but I’m surprised it didn’t. So just be mindful when ordering your michi’s.
The food here is good, the menudo is gross I would not recommend. However, I have to praise their carne guisada. Oh my gosh! It’s the best thing ever!!! No matter if I get there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner I will always order the carne guisada.
And That’s the Michi❣️