Hi, I’m Chey!

Cannabis Enthusiast & Educator // Anxiety Warrior

My entire life the cannabis plant has intrigued me. Reading any study I could get my hands on, getting hands on experience in the California Legal Market, and picking the brains of Cannabis Innovators has lead me to where I am today. Watching my grandmother in the last stages of life and actually getting real relief from CBD made me realize the POWER this plant holds.

Cannabis saved my life. I think it could save yours too.

I have quality, innovative products and a company that chooses quality offer quantity. Offering minor Cannibinoids, Nootropics, and Mushrooms.

Let’s see what works for you?!

Opportunity’s Knocking

I welcome the ones who don’t quite fit in, the oddballs, the rule benders!

Join the viral presence of Arieyl. We are taking social media and the country by storm with our ALL NATURAL gummies, supplements, wellness products, gut health, anxious thoughts, fitness products, beauty, and pet products! No, not all of it is CBD and YES we can ship to all 50 states besides our Cloud 8. With 10 ways to get paid, weekly Friday paydays too many bonuses to count. I could go on and on but don’t sleep on this unicorn company y’all! Oh yeah, we are DEBT free!

No monthly website fee! Wholesale also available !!

Radiate Boss Babe Energy!

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