“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”- F. S.F.


Welcome to my non-comm age-re account!

I am a 20 year old college student that loves reading, writing, poetry, psychology, music, anime, felines, and all things literature! A few of my favorite authors are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Cassandra Clare, Tamora Pierce, Tolkien, John Green and far too many others to name!

My favorite past time involves being an all around dork or playing Final Fantasy. Probably both?

I am always looking to meet new friends!
PS- if you hate cats, I don't really think it's going to work out.


Enjoy your stay and please don't forget to check out my DNI!

About My Account

"'I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life."- F. S.F.

I accept requests from a variety of individuals because I would like my account to be a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

Due to this (in addition to the 18+ shops I follow), for safety reasons, I prefer my followers to be 18+.

I allow interaction from other communities but under certain circumstances.

1) No explicit content.
2) Please do not sexualize me or others here.
3) Please understand that if your account/content makes me uncomfortable.
I may remove you from my account or block you.
4) Absolutely no MIK's, MAP's (or variants).


"A stirring warmth flowed from her, as if her heart was trying to come out to you concealed in one of those breathless, thrilling words."- F. S.F.

🌺 No MIK (Minors in Kink).

💮 MAP's & variants.

🏵️ Anti-agere (or believe it should only be done in private & with a therapist).

🌻 Kink-shame actual adults because of their associated communities.

🌹 Sexualize age-re & variants (age-dre, cgl-re, pet-re).

🌾 Sexualize me/my content despite it being sfw & non-sexual.

🍁 Unable to be respectful towards others regardless of their respective communities & personal lives.

🍂 Underage persons, as I prefer my followers to be 18+.
(See more regarding this under "About My Account").


🐜 No homophobia, transphobia, anti-lgbtqia+, bigotry, islamaphobia, antisemitism, sexism/misogyny, racism, etc.

❌This includes being associated with literal hate groups (Nazis, "The Proud Boys", KKK, etc etc). I WILL report you.

🐛 No pro-anorexia, pro-ed accounts or any similar promotion of self-destructive/harmful behaviors.

🐝 NO Trump supporters pls. (MAGAT's/KAG's).

❌This man has brought nothing but harm to marginalized communities, I have no tolerance for those that support him or ANY his racist, sexist, bigot, lgbtqia-phobic ideology.

🕸 No ICE supporters.

🐞 No "All Lives Matter"/Blue Lives Matter or anti-Black Lives Matter.

❌This includes if you support people like Tomi Lahren, Tucker Carlson, Candance Owens and the like. You CAN'T support literal racists and then put "Black Lives Matter" in your bio.

❌Before you try to say "but Candace Owens is a woman of color!", please kindly shut up. The overwhelming majority of our community do NOT support her. She is a racist apologist, is anti-blm and is further problematic. Frankly, she is full of internalized racism and she will never be a voice for our community while she chooses to actively harm it.

🦀 If you use your religion to belittle, judge, criticize and hate on others, you are not welcome here.

❌Your religion dictates how YOU choose to live your life, it does not dictate how others may choose to do so. It is not your place to criticize, judge or interject regarding other people's lifestyles, choices or their medical decisions. It is NOT your business.

❌You don't have to like what other people choose to do, but before you choose to judge them, please remember that makes you an actual hypocrite for cherry picking what to follow and what not to follow regarding your religion while trying to criticize others..


🌱"Dear to me is the man who neither annoys nor gets annoyed, who is free from excitement jealousy, fear and worry. The demonic confuse what should be done with what should not be done: they have neither virtue, nor good conduct, nor truth. Hypocritical, vain and fierce, inflated with overreaching ambition, They let their ignorance breed evil thoughts, and strive for the world's ruin." -Bhagavad Gita

🍀"How do you know the complexity of human character? ”Whoever judges others digs a pit for themselves. Those who obsess about the sins of others are usually those most in need of repentance." -Buddha

🍃"Do not judge, so that you may not be judged; for with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get”. -(Matt. 7:1-2)



🦂 I may continue to update this in the future.
If you have questions then please ask!





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