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I'm Sarah
Mumma to 2, Chlorified Mermaid and Spinderella.
I'm an Accredited Swimming Australia Coach, Assistant Coach at Rackleys.. learn to swim teacher teaching from ages 2mths old to Adults.. occasionally a Lifeguard 😅

I encourage you to swipe right and take a look at some personal favourites of mine Inc a getaway in the gorgeous mount tamborine in the GC hinterland 💚🌿🍃, Skincare, Eco friendly home options and access special discount codes for my favourite brands.

✌️ Sarah

Two owls

Where the rainforest meets the sea

Welcome to two owls, nestled on the mountain your 1bd 1b kitchenette with living and private entry awaits you.

Relax with rainforest and ocean views from the bedroom and off the living areas off a private deck.

At sunset witness the coastal lights come out to play and awaken in the morning with the sounds of kookaburras as the sun streams through your window.

Bookings available via the link below!

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Natural sports fuel for people on the go!

Manuka Performance Honey is your gateway to a natural performance supplement along with other benefits including anti bacterial it's perfect for a natural energy boost for every day people looking for an alternative to known energy boosters. I've been personally using Manuka performance for awhile now and watched Tristan and his team evolve and grow from the get go and look forward to seeing more!

Use ManukaFit in checkout (link provided below) to receive a generous % off your purchase

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Thanks Manuka performance for the write up

New Zealand based company Manuka Performance, have blogged a great write up, supporting the and my 2020 ride with me - to raise awareness of mental health.

Check it out!!

Visit their blog

KINeSYS has you covered

However you perform, don’t sacrifice your skin.

For your Everyday sun protection - Use KINeSYS with confidence; suitable for use on oily skin and the face and body

• Best sport sunscreen – Non-greasy, dries quickly & water resistant

• Loved by parents & kids – Broad-spectrum & no messy rubbing

• Ideal for sensitive skin – Preservative free & hypoallergenic with scent free options

Formulated by experts, KINeSYS products are created to provide protection without impacting performance, be simple to apply and a pleasure to wear.

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KINeSYS Sunscreen


Natural Australian made Skincare & haircare with hint of the South Pacific

Absolutely in lurve with this Australian brand of skin and haircare, last year i went in search of something natural and soothing for a chlorine burn from a former work place and Elizabeth recommend the soothing oil wash, since then I've just about got everything, from shampoo & conditioner, body wash, lip balm, moisturizer, body oil, hand cream... Leave it to me to have a house full amazing smells and touch of the south pacific!! 🍃🌿⁣

Visit and shop the range


Of all the paths in life you take, follow your feet

For all my running, swimming, hiking, biking friends, Orange Mud is your go to shop for all your needs.

I was fortunate to come across Orange Mud and Brett when looking for new gear to complete my first beach marathon and the iconic BlackAll ultra held on the Sunshine Coast.

Being a former trail runner, AG triathlete and a big fan of the chlorine I love my transition towel and hydration pack 🙏

Score the best gear around and receive a 15% discount on your purchase as well. Use Orange15 in checkout!

Orange Mud .. shop here

Our Eco Home

Seed & Sprout .. creating change. Our Eco home

Last year our family, decided to SPARK CHANGE and increase JOY in a plastic free home.

Together making a conscious effort we have been phasing out plastic items, like cling wrap, bottles, straws and containers. We have changed the way we wash dishes and store items in the fridge and pantry. We have made conscious efforts to pack our lunch and turn picnics into eco friendly occasions.

A lasting home life to help reduce the impact on our planet for the future to come. Based in Byron Bay on the NSW Coast Sophie and the gorgeous team inspire a plastic free future for all.

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Easy Fruit Energy Bites!

These easy to make balls are perfect for fueling on any athletic level or snack time.
With Manuka Performance Honey as a go to stable they maximise the benefits of sustainable energy and may aid recovery.

You'll need the following (makes approx 16)

1/3 cup of Body Fuel - Manuka Performance
200g of Mixed fruit
1 cup of Almond meal
1/3 cup of fine coconut + more for rolling
1 Tbs of Water
1/3 cup of pistachios

Place the Body Fuel (pre warmed), mixed fruit, Almond meal, 1/3 coconut and water in to a blender and process until desired consistency.

Remove mixture and roll into chosen size balls.
Slightly crush pistachios in processor to create a crumble feel. Combine the pistachios and coconut on a plate and roll each ball in mixture.

Refrigerate until solid, store in an airtight container or freeze in small portions and eat as required.


Cycling Mums Australia

Cycling Mums Australia is both an australian and international community of like minded mums that promote, encourage and empower each other through womens cycling with monthly social rides based in your local state/city.

Coffee, laughs and more are always welcome
and I'm proud to be apart of this ever growing community of women, daughters and more.

Check them out below for more information

Cycling Mums Australia


Love me love you! Ride for Mental Health

I'm teaming up to ride for Mental health!!⁣

No doubt this year has been tough mentally, emotionally and physically for us all, be it work and/or home life⁣

This Oct - Nov I'm pedaling 300km in endeavour to raise $300 with @cyclimgmumaus in support of @loveyoiloveme and would truly appreciate your support 🙏⁣

I understand times are tough financially for us all, as little as $5 for 5km will indeed provide support to those who need it⁣

Thank you for contributing or sponsoring me as I ride for mental health this Oct-Nov ⁣

Many thanks in advance xx⁣

Donate today!

Laps 4 Life

Diving in and chasing the T junction for youth mental health


I need your help.

I’m challenging myself to swim 60km to save lives this March. This will be my 3rd year partaking in this very close and personal cause

Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia? That means that each year, more young people in Australia die by suicide than in car accidents or from cancer. But together, we can change that.

Please sponsor my participation in Laps for Life and provide young people across the country with the support they need to be happy and well.

Simply click below at the end, to make a donation through my page.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser:

Thank you so much for your support – it is truly appreciated.

Best wishes,


Donate Here!!