May Gift

your gift from me to you

I love seeing people fall in love with their oils and love using them as much as I do.

So sending out a little gift, especially for you, to help you along on your oil journey is one of my absolute favourite things.

When you grab your Premium Starter Kit through me, I’ll send you this sweet little bundle straight to your door. So much goodness!

Love Elise x

Getting Started

How to get your hands on some oils!

Pop over to my website for more info on oily goodness and how to get started!

Essential Rewards Promos

the freebies for the month

Hello MAY!

Ok so we are officially in the throws of the cooler months and I couldn’t love it anymore if I tried, And with the month May comes new Essential Rewards promos!

This month the promos are surrounding a theme of beauty and looking after yourself. I am actually so excited to get my mits on the Sandalwood Moisturiser — my face has been super dry lately and I hear this is incredible.

Check out the promos above.



Who Am I?

Hi everyone!! My name is Elise and I am oil lover from QLD Australia. I have been using essential oils for the past two years and I have fallen in love with this holistic and simple way to live.

 I am the mother of four year old Zion and the wife of my amazing husband Asher. We also welcomed our second son, Ezra, in March 2018. I love that I am able to support my family's wellness with essential oils. 

 I am a teacher by profession but have always wanted to stay home with my babies and I love that Young Living will one day enable me to do this with financial security. 

How did I get into oils? Well, I have always been interested in a healthy lifestyle and tried to eat as clean as possible. I have used oils sporadically throughout my life (tea tree to avoid head lice as I am a teacher) (lavender in my bath for relaxation), however at the end of 2017 I was suffering from anxiety and stress headaches and all the usual medication and stretches were not cutting it. It was then that I decided to seek after a more natural resource. All by accident I started following an oily Instagram account and was immediately drawn to the simplicity and holistic approach to using and incorporating essential oils into daily life. 

 Since then I haven't looked back and am passionate about oils and sharing them with others.