About me:

The Sam Series

Hi there,

My name is Sam!
I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Aerobic Gymnastics Coach and full time Physiotherapy student.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Science, Master in Physiotherapy. My future ambition is to assist people to reach maximum performance levels whilst managing and preventing injuries.

What is this page for?
This page is to share my passion for health and fitness. Connect with my clients and the wider community. As well as promote a holistic and realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Holistic Health = taking into account all aspects of health and wellbeing. Including, Physical, Social, Mental and Emotional Health and Well-being.
Realistic Health = what is actually attainable, not being restrictive and creating a lifestyle that can easily be a true representation of your daily life.

On this page you can:
Contact me for
• Personal Training and Small Group Training Enquires
• Online Client Enquires
• Any Questions you may have along your health and fitness journey
Find on my page
• Home + Gym Workouts to save and do later!
• Easy Recipes using normal ingredients you can find at home
• Form correction tips to help you train safely and effectively
• Motivation, Goal Setting, all things body positivity and self love to live a holistic and realistic lifestyle.

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