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Let me start by introducing myself!

I am Shivani and I am work as a fashion merchandiser at a well-known brand. Along with my full-time job, I also am a content creator, mindset influencer and an affiliate marketer at a rapidly growing company that has changed my life and so many others around me.

I got into affiliate marketing to explore and get more out of life and obviously for that extra income. My page @the6ammindset is where I share the products, thoughts, interest, knowledge and experiences I love. Along with my journey, I share about the business opportunity that allows me to work form anywhere in the world and at any time I wish.

I believe in always getting out of my comfort zone because that’s where success is and this is exactly what I did a month ago. Call me crazy but I took up a social media business opportunity I knew nothing about and turned that opportunity into extra paycheques. I am establishing a healthy income stream that is now growing from the comfort of my home or literally anywhere in the world. I am building a growing business by helping others leverage the most powerful platform present today - social media and reach their fullest potential.

My mission is to help you create a mindset change on your success journey as well as provide you an opportunity to earn income from your phone using social media platforms which allows you to design the life of your dreams.

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Shivani :)