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I have always been just your average person, wife, and deputy. I started pursing a degree in Criminal Psychology and Forensic Psychology with the goal of becoming an Criminal Profiler. I was blessed with free tuition due to my husband working at the college, but I still struggled to pay for my books, and taxes.

Even with the free tuition, I have had to take out student loans for books, taxes and other supplies needed for schooling. I was going to graduate with debt, I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay it off right away.

I kept see a college friend post on social media about how she had changed her life and the life of her family. I finally reached out her and asked a few questions to find out she was making a six figure income from her smartphone. Wow, could I do this?

Well I prayed and felt this was God telling me this is what you have been praying for, so I said yes in Feb 2019. Then in May 2019 our life took a dramatic turn.

Finding out I can’t have children without extreme risks a few years prior was hard for me because I have always wanted children. But, in May my nephew was born and placed with my husband and I. The last year has been a whirlwind of emotions and a great blessing to us.

Once he joined our little family I knew I had to be at home with him. He it what is driving me to make that a reality and one that will be happening in the next couple months.

Since saying yes in February 2019, I have been able to save money, and put more towards bills, provide for our son in ways I didn’t think were possible. I had know idea when I said yes that I would be changing my life, my families lives, and the lives of so many other people. We are on the stepping stones of the life we have dreamed of.

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My Brew Obsession

My brew obsession that is helping me lose pounds

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