The Brow Bully

2x Certified Brow Artist

Feeling good should NEVER be an option because when you look good you feel good. Right?!
As a self-taught makeup artist I’ve always had a passion for making women feel their best. Now that I have found my calling in the beauty industry, my #1 goal is to bring confidence to women, inspire, motivate and provide services and products that will be specifically tailored my clients’ needs! Through my specialized technique, knowledge and training, I vow to give you the results and experience you deserve.

I’m here to take you from where you are now in your brow journey to EXACTLY where you want to be! Wether that’s achieving brow growth or saving time on your morning routine with the help of Henna Brows which lasts up to 2 weeks ( with proper care.)
Whatever it is, trust me to get you there!💪🏾

Let me customize the perfect brows just for you!

How to reach me:
Email: [email protected]
IG: The_Brow_Bully

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