making the impossible - i’m possible!

who am i? what is life? why am i here?

these are all questions I’ve asked myself my entire life

ask and you will receive ........

and so my life thus far has shown me and taken me to spiritual, physical, emotional and mental places to allow me to explore the answers to those questions. i’m not saying I have the answers or that there are any answers (for that matter) but I can offer you a journey and guidance that supports you to explore, within the context of your own life, to the depth you wish to go.

do you ask these types of questions too? do you feel lost, disconnected, trapped and stuck? have you lost it all?

are you lacking freedom on an emotional, financial and purpose basis?

stop the endless search and find stillness

discover your power from within!

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This is my life’s work & souls calling:

I’m all about holding SPACE for YOU to step into your authenticity and deepen your soul connection. I’m here to empower you to make changes in your life that no longer serve you. Step out of emotional pain, suffering and loopholes. Step out of feeling lost, disconnected and trapped in life. The processes I offer enable you to generate energetic SPACE from within you. Start to create beauty, freedom and bliss effortlessly, as you journey inside of yourself, learn to love yourself, your business, your spaces and life by energy clearing, shifting perspectives, embodying lessons and allowing expansion. The energy of YOUR space: you, yourself, SOUL & i, is critical if you are desiring a different way of being. Change your problems from impossible to I’M possible, and alchemise dreams into physical reality.

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- transform and change the energy of your (physical) spaces: home, rooms, workspaces, meditation & yoga studios, treatment & therapy rooms, creative offices to positively impact your wellbeing and change reoccurring problems as well as the flow of your personal life & work life

- paint colour consultancy for your spaces including subconscious energy clearing so that the space positively impacts your wellbeing

- energy space clearing ceremonies to shift discordant energy which could be having an impact on your life


- with a focus on the energy of your space, improving spatial flow in the home as well as the flow of all aspects of your life: wealth, health & relationships

- inspired by natural lifestyle living, feng shui, biophillia and vegan interior design


- transitioning from corporate to holistic work (for anyone striving to be free from the rat race)

- transition your interior design business into holistic home design (for those interior designers wanting to bring more purpose into their work!)

- expand your current soul business and take things to the next level as you release beliefs and subconscious energy holding you back

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if the above is calling you and you are drawn to work with me in this way, please click on the contact links below to chat about how I can serve you to reach your highest potential or

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** all of my work involves using my own inner guidance, intuition and the following energy tools: colour mirrors, eft, theta healing **

About the energy of spaces


We feel your inner environment (emotions) and outer enviroment (spaces) are intrinsically linked and both aspects are important factors to create harmony, balance and peace in our lives.

Our physical house (or any spatial environment) is a reflection of us. All aspects of that place - design & colour, and everything in it - furniture & belongings, is an energy. When we start to delve deeper than the surface aesthetic of the four walls, we can use our spaces as a tool to show us where we are holding subconscious mechanisms, negative emotions, limiting beliefs within us. All of this has an effect on the flow of our everyday life including health, wealth, career, love and relationships.

Equally, the house is also an extension and container of you. The spaces around us are there to uplift and support our emotional wellbeing within everyday life, so a passion of ours is to ensure our spaces are aligned with us in this way. A place to creatively express yourself. A place to allow the flow of life through easily. A place to feel safe, supported and nurtured.

There really is no place like home. And that’s the feeling we are passionate about guiding you to discover - from within you!

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About Emily

Emily is an abstract thinker, a deep feeler and has an innate search for the meaning of life.

She followed a calling to study Interior Architecture BA (Hons) at University and then spent her 20’s designing high end residential property in London. Discovering Colour Mirrors was the beginning of the end of corporate life for Emily and since then she has melded her technical skillset with her creativity and natural gifts to form: The Energy of Spaces. As the Founder she is passionate about offering transformational services for you, your life and your spaces.

Emily is continually on a personal and spiritual transformational journey. Now, life is about aligning to her truth, slowing down, tuning into nature, feeling at peace within herself and enjoying a simplified life on her terms rather than what society begs us to believe.

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Emily’s WHY

Emily has grappled with mental health issues from childhood, living a life feeling lost, disconnected, unhappy, sad and always searching for answers.

Since discovering Colour Mirrors, she transformed her life from leaving the corporate world, her career path & the 9-5 commuter rat race, to starting her own soul business as well as resolving mental health issues and many aspects of her personal life. She went from having a life that ticked boxes on paper to a life that brings true meaning, fulfillment and happiness having delved into her emotional wellbeing, mindset and lifestyle desires.

“” I am passionate about sharing that there is a different way - life doesnt have to feel boring. You don’t have to feel stuck or trapped. I discovered I have the power to change my life in so many ways, which means you do too! “”

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