In this website you will find tips so that your cats and dogs will live their best life.


My name is Brady and I love animals. I have a cat and a dog and wish they could live forever. However, scientifically cats and dogs can’t exactly live forever, but they can live their best lives. I’m here to help tell you some tips and tricks that will make their life. (Above are my cat and my dog.)

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Here I will give some things to help you with your beloved kit-cat

Cat never plays with toys from the store?

Try using household items such as hair ties, candy wrappers, and plastic straws. Just keep a close eye on them to make sure that they don’t swallow them.

Your cat sheds a lot?

Try combing them every four to six months.

Your cat makes messes with the litter box?

Well there is not much to say about this except to vacuum or get a litter box with a roof.

You don’t know what to name your pet?

Well I will give you some names that hopefully you will like

I’m gonna show you some names and hopefully you like them.


Normal names

Anna, Billie, Bob, Bailey, Cooper, Danny, Doug, Doe, Ellie, Eli, FooFoo, Gia, Gina, Harriet, Harold, Harry, Ian, Jersey, Jupiter, Jose, Juinor, Karen, Kaleb, Kia, Kai, Leo, Love, Lance, Maggie, May, Mack, Nugget, Owen, Pie, Queen, Reggie, Ramon, Sweetie, Super, Tyler, Up, Vernon, Vacuum, Woody, Xander, Yuki, Zero


Maggie my dog is a mutt. I think she is part annoying because she barks all the time. We still love her. Nosey my cat is a tuxedo cat. She doesn’t like Maggie but Maggie just wants to be friends with her. I’ve had Nosey for seven years, and I’ve had Maggie for one and a half. Maggie is two and Nosey is seven. Both my animals are girls .