“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”

THANK YOU so much for connecting with me. I am a network marketer. I was put on this earth to empower, inspire, and shift your mindset (and to give you the freedom you create you’re dream life). I believe that we are all a reflection of each other. I love giving advice to anyone in need of physical, mental, or emotional growth.

So here’s my story. I had a unstable childhood, not just financially! “Home” was always the last place I wanted to be. On top of that I was a mixed girl growing up in a small town. No one looked like me. I did not want to be me, hated the color of my skin, and my hair. My battle with low self esteem haunted me at home, and school. Luckily I had some amazing friends. I had a “grass is greener on the other side” mentality. I continued to surround myself with the “right” people and embrace Jamaican and Indonesian beauty.

At last, I made a decision that change my life forever, and LEAP out of by comfort zone. I moved out of my hometown. Down to the nearest city in Pennsylvania. That was the best decision I made. My mind was blown. I had never met so many different people. People that looked like me, and shared similarities in our cultures. Realizing that there’s so much more than good looks. It’s about be a god person, NOT just to other but to myself. It was then when I learned the importance of self-love, care, and awareness.
BOOM! I quit my job. Got a place. Got a boo. I manifested what I was always looking for. Tons of personal growth and opportunity blessed my life.
Now, I am a business woman, mentor, a leader, and I will eternally be a student learning from everyone that surrounds me. The corporate 9-5 world isn’t going to work out with my future lifestyle goals. So I am taking control of my life and choosing to live on my own terms!

So far, I have built a very successful online business from my phone. I have found my passion for business, beauty, and helping others find their purpose and confidence.

Aside from helping people’s skin + hair, I teach others how to create a substantial online income while managing their busy lives. My motive is to mentor, connect, empower, + motivate women to become their best selves.

I mentor women from all different backgrounds. Women who want more for themselves. Who want to take full control of their life, time, and income.

If this is you, this is your sign.

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