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About Chelsea

Believe in Your Damn Self

Hey guys, I’m Chelsea aka The Lipstick Guru! I’m 34 years old and reside in the beautiful Southern Utah with my husband Russell and our feather baby, Pico. 🐤 I am now pregnant and expecting our first baby. It’s a girl!!! 🎀

I started with SeneGence 8 years ago. Which many of you may know as “LipSense”. LipSense is the famous lipstick that doesn’t rub or smudge off! We do however carry a full makeup and skincare line as well as some hair care products!

When I started this business I had very little support at home and almost zero belief in myself. That all changed when I attended my first company Seminar and met some amazing women who loved on me and encouraged me. I carried that love through to my team and it became infectious. That next year I went from broke and almost quitting to the #1 ranked distributor in the company. They didn’t even have ranks as high as my team climbed. They had to create them! 😆 We finished our year at $27,695,000 in team sales! Yes, that’s 27 Million! 🤩 My title earned was the first ever Sapphire Majesty (We get fun royalty ranks in SeneGence) . Still years later, no one has yet to sell that much or more in a single year. My team is full of rockstars and I’m so blessed to work with them!

Aside from my business, I enjoy playing poker (we live about an hour and a half from Las Vegas), reading business and self help books and fundraising to help local animals and people in need! (We can also fundraise for any cause with SeneGence in case anyone might be interested in that.)
I’m a big manifesting kinda gal (any Dr. Dyer, Gabby Bernstein, Abraham Hicks fans in the house??). I live for celery juice (seriously it’s saved my gut and all it’s issues). Currently rereading How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Aside from all that, Russ and I love spending time with our family and just living life to the fullest.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 💕