About me

Contact me for collaborations via instagram or email therecipehack@outlook.com

The Recipe Hack aka Chloe Lane is a classically trained violinist working a day job in IT with a passion for all things food, cookery, eating and drinking.
She is currently studying culinary pursuits (Cert III Commercial cookery) at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne
In her non existent spare time she likes to pick apart recipes, put her own twist on them and share the rebuilt results with her dedicated instagram following.
She also develops recipes to teach cooking classes via zoom.

The Recipe Hack has been selected for collaborations with
- Australian Pork
- Domuts
- Woolworths Everyday Rewards
- Aldi
- The Spine Nutritionist
- Pride of Maui
She has also has contributed recipes for In2Great Fitness Studios monthly newsletter.

🎻Chloe once performed the violin at a wedding poolside as part of a Mexican mariachi band, whilst the bride and groom paddled around on kayaks
🎪 She was the poster girl for adult circus classes for a time, the poster in question has her hanging upside down on aerial silks
☕️When she orders a coffee in Melbourne it must be a large soy latte with honey
🚅 Her daily round trip journey to high school in years 11 & 12 was 206km
🍹Her ultimate celebrity goal is to meet and have a drink with Rick Stein and Action Bronson (on seperate occasions of course)
🍝On a good day she will whip up pasta and sauce from scratch for a quick weeknight meal
🥑When in cbf mode, her guilty go pleasure to is corn chips with ghetto guac (mashed avocado with bought decanted salsa)
🥩 For her 30th birthday she requested her friends chip in to get her a dehydrator to make biltong at home (it's waaay better than beef jerky) if you ask her nicely, she may let you try some