Believe you can and the world is your oyster 🦪

Hi, I'm Amy, The Alpha Mummy.

I'm a mum of one beautiful daughter, whom i would do anything in the world for! That meant creating a way of living which allowed me to be there for her and not have to leave her in a daycare for up to 10 hours a day. Just so I could go to work and make other people rich 🤑

That's when I decided to tackle the online space! With the help of my mentors and an amazing 6 step guide to mastering the sale of high ticket items, I have been able to say NO to daycare and YES to the life I want to have!

I'm looking for like-minded mum's that share the same passion as I do for their kids. Mum's who are being forced to head back to work to stay Just Over Broke, while having to drop their kids at daycare and say goodbye each morning. 😪

I want you to be apart of this amazing, supportive and inspiring community, so that you can be living the life you want, on your terms!

If this sounds like you, then jump over to my application form, fill it out and I will take you on a journey that can lead you to everything you have always wanted and more!