Who is this girl?

Allow me to introduce myself....

My name is Amanda! I am an almost thirty year old Midwestern gal living in the south with her cat Scout, trying to keep plants alive and striving for progress over perfection! I am a body positive & self acceptance cultivator, fat activist, feminist, self-care guru, certified intuitive eating counselor and mental health therapist! But most importantly I’m a fellow human just like you!

I broke up with diet culture some years ago and decided the body I had was enough to live the life I wanted to live and that shrinking my body wasn’t worth the life I had to give up!

What happened after making that declaration was what I didn’t see coming! A passion that moves me each and everyday to help other women achieve acceptance and compassion of self, body and soul, to recognize and recover from traumas both subconscious and conscious, and to live the life they have always wanted and to realize that the freedom and liberation you have always desired is achievable!

You deserve to take up space. Your story deserves and needs to be heard. You are worth everything as you are. ♥️

Now let’s be best friends!

If you would like to find out more about me, my coaching services or more email me directly at theamandamurphy@gmail.com

Have a question?

Text me your question directly to 980-236-1576 to get them answered on the podcast!