Hi, I’m Amy!

I’m obsessed with becoming a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. I want to be so comfortable being myself that everyone else feels comfortable being themselves too.⁣

I’m much closer to being that woman today than I’ve ever been before! The way this community has embraced me is incredible! The more I put the real me out there the more love y’all show! How stinkin awesome is that?!⁣

About 7 years ago I came to realize that for most of my life I haven’t even known who the real me is. I just molded into what everyone else wanted me to be or thought I should be. And I’ll tell ya what, it was exhausting and lonely.⁣

So, about 7 years ago, I began a journey of finding me. You know what I’m finding out? I’m pretty damn cool. Well, honestly, I’m actually not very “cool” but, I’m really cool with that! And if we’re all honest with ourselves we’d acknowledge that we are all just a bunch of weirdos!⁣

I may not be the most glamorous girl on the gram. But I’m funny, smart, sarcastic, imperfect, ambitious, hard working, loyal, and REAL! My goal is that if we were to ever meet in person you would see that the Amy you see here is the same Amy you would see then!⁣

Anyway, thanks for kickin it with me over here! Do people still say kickin it? I hope you’ll stick around and stay awhile!⁣

10 things you should know about me...

1. I’m 40 years young.
2. Mama of 4 beautiful kiddos. 1 handsome 18 yr old, Aden, and 3 beautiful girls, Ellie 15, Piper 12, and Charlie 9..⁣
3. Wife to my husband, Chad, for 19years.⁣
4. Motivational speaker/comedian.⁣
5. Hairstylist/salon owner of 18 years.⁣
6. Network Marketing leader of an incredible team for 7 years!
7. Lover of tattoos, Botox, makeup, beer, dancing, laughing, traveling, summer nights (ok that’s 8 in 1)⁣
8. Podcaster “Success in the Mess Podcast.”
9. Bargain shopper. I love me a good sale and thrift store!⁣
10. I love Jesus but I cuss and drink a little. (Are you still reading?)⁣

So anyway, that’s a little about me! I hope you stick around!

Story Time

This is my MONAT story...

She had finally gotten all 4 kids in bed, and asleep, after a long 9 hour day in the salon. Her husband was working overtime trying to get some extra hours so they could catch up on some over due bills. The dishes were still in the sink from dinner and she was about 6 loads of laundry behind. She was exhausted and so many things needed to be done but she couldn’t wait any longer to log onto the computer. Fear and excitement had flooded her mind all day long. She knew she had to just do it or she would end up talking herself out of it, again. She was tired of wondering, “what if.” She was tired of working so hard to barely make ends meet. She was tired of letting the opinions of others push away what her gut was telling her do. In that moment, she chose to stop letting fear win. That night she started her MONAT business. In that one night, she changed the course of her family’s life forever.⁣

She often thinks back to that night. What if she would have not sat down in front of the computer? What if she would have chosen to do the dishes or the laundry? What if she would have let the opinions of others start to take over her mind? What if she would have let fear win that night? The thought terrifies her! In hind sight, continuing down the path her life was on was far scarier than taking a chance on a shampoo biz.⁣

She’s now been with this incredible company for nearly 5 years! She’s erased her family’s huge debt, help hundreds of people, created amazing friendships, found a confidence in herself she never knew existed, traveled the world, earned a company car, been able to make an incredible income working from home, been more involved in her kids lives, and dreaming bigger for their future than ever before!⁣

That night, years ago, she felt the fear and did it anyway! That one night changed so many lives! If she had one piece of advice to give someone considering starting a business with MONAT it would be this, “Stop wonder what if and take a chance! Tonight, you too, could change everything!”

Learn more about my MONAT story.

Success in the Mess Podcast

I want to help women find purpose and passion beyond their everyday to-do lists. I want to help women discover the greatness that lies within them. I want to show them that it’s possible to have fun, be successful, and to start chasing after the woman God created them to be!