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I am a half Irish/ half Puerto Rican Cali girl living abroad. (Fun fact) Jove’ is my maiden name but since my parents didn’t give me a middle name I legally changed my maiden name to my middle name when I married my husband. (Maybe that’s only a fun fact to me? Oh well- now you know!)
A little about me: I married my best friend, Aaron Halcomb 13 years ago, now we live in Korea because he is an Army Pilot, we have 6 babies together + 4 in Heaven 🌈 I am still trying to figure out what i want to be when I grow up. I am a perpetual learner, pretty sure I have ADHD plus I’m a recovering people pleaser, I always have a lot going on. (Aaron, consistently reminds me that I only have 100% of myself- he is so wise and my rock!) We are Obsessed with Sabbath, rest, naps and interpreting dreams from God. Most days we are Surviving on Jesus, coffee and lots of kimchi. (Okay! I’m the only one who appreciates the kimchi but let’s just say- they have tiny waists and bidets here for a reason)
A Few other things about me: I am an Entrepreneur, Oil guru, YouTuber, homeschooling by the skin of my teeth, starting a podcast, writing a book, ran for President in 2020 and I really like to travel and glitter!
I am also a huge encourager of Women finding their voice and telling their story. It’s time to be who you were created to be. Let’s go on this epic journey (called life) together ✨

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