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My name is Angie Lyngso, mom of twin 3 year old boys, and the Owner of the Angie Method.

I have owned and operated a nutrition & fitness coaching program since 2010 and have coached thousands of women in helping them get lean, STAY lean and enjoy the process while doing it. My YouTube channel, Instagram, Free Facebook and more are my spaces where I can show you my methods as to how I put it all together and how simple and easy it can be for you to do it too!

It will be a lot food, fitness, fun and of course results!

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My YouTube Channel

The Angie Method

My name is Angie Lyngso. I'm a fitness and nutrition professional who helps women get unstuck, go after the body they WANT, and live fiercely fit. This channel will give you an inside look into my gym, my fridge, my business, and my family. I'll teach you the real-life strategies I use to put it all together so you can do it too!

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