We Are Badass

Babes Against Domestic Abuse Standing Strong

“I raise up my voice - not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.” - Malala

Did you know?...

There is so much motherfucking power in our stories as survivors! Think about it. When you were there with him, you’re darkest dark, that lowest low. Do you remember when you’d hear that blip of a conversation about a woman who left that shitty ass man because she deserved better? Do you remember how it felt to be reminded that freedom just might be possible?

Honestly, that was something I didn’t even remember until I started, what I like to call, “brain tornado-ing” for theBADASSfoundation. (Brain storming really just doesn’t do the chaos of my mind any justice.) I remember my former office manager telling me stories of her ex-husband and how similar he and my ex-fiancé were. I remember reading the empowering posts on social media about leaving toxic relationships, posts from “friends” that were barely even acquaintances. Bread crumbs of hope, the seeds of courage taking root down deep in my soul... All leading me to this journey of freedom and healing.

I’ve always felt a hand of destiny on my life, searching for that chance to do something that means something. For I am You, and You are Me. No matter what higher power or entity you choose to believe in, we’re all still here in this together. But remember, your divine purpose will not be revealed in the mountain tops of your life. It will not be found in the padded bank accounts, the peaks of success or even the comfort of a suburban life. The highest of highs and comforts of life do not test the strength of your soul in that way.

No, your divine purpose will find you where you are least expecting it... In the darkest of the dark. The lowest of the low. When the pain rushes in like a tsunami and you’re struggling to breath. The moment right before all hope is lost. The last thread of the rope you’ve been holding on to. When the evil and bullshit of this world has done everything in its power to destroy you. Desperately searching for just one reason to keep trying, to keep living. In the split second before giving up but then...


Like a Phoenix from the ashes, coming back stronger and more determined than ever before. You refuse to quit. This is not how your story will end. The warrior spirit is ready to fight again... The universe always did fall in love with a stubborn heart. And that fierce determination turns a flickering candle in to a motherfucking forest fire of truth, hope and empowerment for all those still in the darkest dark, the lowest low...

And that is why I will never stop sharing my story of survival. This is how we change the world.