Nastar Cheese Cake

Vanilla sponge, homemade pineapple jam, cheese, homemade 100% butter--italian meringue buttercream

Blackforest Cake

Chocolate sponge, dark sweet cherry, french cherry preserve, Callebaut 100% butter--italian meringue buttercream, Valrhona Les Perles

Klepon Cake

Pandan sponge, homemade unti kelapa, gula jawa cremosso, coconut 100% butter--italian meringue buttercream

New York Cheesecake

Graham cracker, ricotta cheesecake, blueberry jam

Lychee Shortcake

Vanilla sponge, lychee, fresh cream, lychee syrup, 100% butter--italian meringue buttercream

Chocolate Rum Cake

Chocolate Sponge, Valrhona Les Perles, Jamaica rum, Callebaut 100% butter--italian meringue buttercream

Signature Brownie

54,5% Dark Chocolate Brownie

Chocolatey, soft, crunchy crack top with a hint of sea salt to create a fine balanced flavour of the overall taste.

Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Brownie

[BEST SELLER] Fudgy brownie topped with peanut butter and sea salt, a nice balance between sweetness and savoury.

Cream Cheese Brownie

Fudgy brownie with a subtle taste of cream cheese.

Triple Chocolate Brownie

Fudgy brownie topped and filled with 3 kind of chocolates.

Walnut Brownie

The most classic ones, fudgy brownie topped with walnut. Great for your brain (as walnuts are brain food)

Mix Flavours Brownie

This Mix Flavour brownie consists of four—all of our variant— flavour, there are triple chocolate, cream cheese, peanut butter & sea salt, and walnut.


Smoked Beef and Cheese

generous amount of smoked beef and cheddar cheese with a compliment of sandwich spread on a bed of romaince lettuce

Korean Garlic Cheese

a perfect sweet yet savoury snack made of creamy cream cheese filling with fragrant garlic butter and fresh parsley

Tuna Melts

flavorful homemade tuna spread with japanese mayo on a bed of fresh lettuce

Strawberry Cheese Cake

authentic french strawberry jam compliment creamed cheesecake filling

Peanut Butter

topped and filled with peanut butter dusted with icing sugar

White Chocolate Almond

oven toasted almond slice on a layer of white chocolate

Double Chocolate

decadent chocolate filling and crunchy chocolate top


sweet and tangy nastar filling with a compliment of cream cheese filling


Your all time favorite comfort food

We are specialized in pastry products such as croissant, croffle, birthday cake, brownies and tiramisu!