About me

Hello and welcome to my space!

My name is Shreya and I am here to be your guide on this journey!

I am a lawyer by qualification and while studying for my Masters, I started facing lot of mental health issues.
I could not focus and decided to visit a psychiatrist.
I was diagnosed with Anxiety.

That was a scary time for me. And I went through what is known as the "Dark night of the Soul" moment ( actually for me, there were several and literal dark nights as I also would have lots of bad nightmares)

From there, being the curious person that I am, I started looking for solutions.
Met many healers.
Consulted many coaches.
Found out about the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, Access Consciousness, Emotional Freedom Technique.

But one thing that really intrigued me, were the Bach Flower Remedies!
How could flowers have such wonderful powers to help with emotional issues??!!

I was curious so I read, researched and consulted experts!
I started feeling better and better. I felt I found something crazy and it had to be shared with the WHOLE WORLD!

3 years later, here I am, working as a Life Coach with expertise in these Flowers!

If you face any behavioural, mental, emotional health issue, I am here for you!

And together we will help you resolve your issues so you can lead a happier and more fulfilling life!

Consultation Packages you may avail:

Email Consultation: Rs. 2000
Email all your issues and I will send you a PDF with the names and dosage of remedies you need
Remedies can be made and delivered to you for Rs. 1000

Phone Call Consultation: Rs. 2400
One on one session over a voice call
PDF with names and dosage of remedies you need.
Weekly support over WhatsApp
Remedies can be made and delivered to you for Rs. 1000

Video Call Consultation: Rs. 3500
One on one session with me on a video call
PDF with names and dosages of remedies you need
Additionally, I will be in touch with you for any questions, doubts over WhatsApp throughout the month
Remedies can be made and delivered to you for Rs. 1000

For long standing issues I recommend you to avail:
3 month Package: Rs. 10,000
Video Call Consultation
WhatsApp Support for the whole period
Remedies made and couriered to you

6 month Package: Rs. 20,000
Video Call Consultation
WhatsApp and Once a Month Call support
Remedies custom made for you & couriered to you
Journal Prompts for your specific goals
In addition to this, I will also be giving you various activities to be done as part of your healing process and your goals

For 3 and 6 months Package, you can avail payment plans on request.