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Let me tell you a little bit about myself! First off, I am a total Netflix Binger (is that a word? Well, It is now) pretty lame, I know! Who knew this was even a hobby?! I also love to cook and try out new recipes, I totally live for a good Pinterest or Tik Tok meal! Ironically enough I also love to travel and visit new places; going on road tips with my family is always a blast! I also can’t wait to travel all over the world one day with my best friend, who I am so blessed to call the love of my life, Matt. I also have two other little loves of my life, Aubree & Kenzee! (#girlmom) Being their mom has been the most rewarding thing, I absolutely love watching them grow and learn how to navigate life. Lastly, I am totally obsessed with all things beauty! It started with constantly watching Facebook lives and YouTube of people doing their makeup which made me want to learn more, so I did. Learning about makeup also lead me to learn about skincare, hair, nails, etc. and now I’m completely obsessed! I have found two companies that totally fulfill my love for all things beauty. If you are interested in following my journey or supporting either of my businesses, then I would love to have you! After all, this journey has lead me to some amazing people that I now call my best friends. The encouragement is everywhere I turn and with it, an ever building and shape-shifting confidence that I’m learning to mold myself with!

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