Tell the world what you’re made of

Hey Hey, I’m Nydirah!

I'm so happy you're interested in what I do!
This business has completely changed my life for the better & I'm excited to see where this can take you to!

Before I got started in my social media biz I was a broke Assistant store manager who was looking for an extra income all the time to make ends meet!!

Long story short, I had nothing to lose, and I had never tried something life this before so why not give 100%. I like new adventures.
>>>I knew I wanted more freedom, some extra money & something I truly enjoyed doing.

I reached out to a girl on Facebook because I seen a product I wanted... She check my page and seen I had potential so she offered the opportunity to me. I reviewed everything and like I said I had nothing to lose. Once I got all the info & I was sold!

I knew I was willing to do whatever it took to be successful, so I could help my family! I truly just wanted to earn an extra $200-$1,000/mo.. I had tried a product back in 2017 but I didn’t know anything about what I was going to need to be doing. I didn't even have a lot of followers, but I knew I was willing to learn & was going to take all the advice.

JUST ONE YEAR after getting quitting my job I was at for years, I replaced my fulltime income & I’m making more from my phone MONTHLY than I was YEARLY as a Store Manager!! It is such a blessing! I was having soo much fun, it fit around my schedule, I was meeting the most inspirational, kind ladies on our team & knowing this was a Christian based company just comforted me in knowing I was where I belonged.

I never imagined my life being like this. I control my income. I control my schedule. I am 100% in control of my life & I couldn't imagine it any other way.