Nor Fagnani  —

The beauty barre tender

Hi and welcome to The Beauty Barre Tender  where our
Signature cocktail is beauty all day everyday!

I’m Nor Fagnani and I’m so excited your here!

A bit about me…
I am a wife, a mom to a 6 year old little girl and a dog mom to a English bulldog named Archie!
When I think back at the most exciting jobs I’ve had (there has been A Lot)
I think back to being a makeup
Artist and teaching barre classes. Not at the same time of course.
Being an artist you get to create , experience and learn new techniques. Being in fitness, especially barre, there is a beauty to the way your body moves that you don’t get to see too often so why not combine them so here I am the Beauty barre tender at your service!

Here are a few guidelines to this group…
Post whatever you want in relation to beauty, fitness (especially barre )please be kind No Bashing of any sort and keep it CUTE please.

Seint beauty is the company I work for, and I will be showing all Seint products
That you can purchase below if you’d like. You can’t  go wrong!

Free Color matching- At Seint we color match so you get the best makeup for your skin.  If you’d like to be colored match by me please fill out the form below

And lastly if you are interested in the Seint Artist program DM me, I would love to chat and tell you more! I look forward to working with you!!!

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