Hey Beauty!

I’m Hannah!
A wife. A special needs cat mom 🐈.
A middle school counselor. A clean beauty advocate. And a former equestrian.

My why.
We all have one but before I explain why I’m here and why I’m a Beautycounter consultant I need to explain the how.

How did we get here?
In the grad school I realized I really really loved writing and sharing my equestrian life through blogging. I developed a bomb website and a brand that was actually kind of successful. I exclusively created equestrian content but ultimately stopped after my horse passed. I lost my inspiration for it and literally had no content to write about anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Where are we going?
So it’s 2 years later and I’ve been on some sort of weird journey trying to find my identity without horses. I still don’t really know who that person is but after doing some soul searching and serious inward focusing I’ve realized that I can still do this. I can still write. I can still create content. I can still socially share the shit I love.

Still with me? Let’s get back to my why.
I joined Beautycounter because I genuinely believe in the product and the brand. We all have choices in life and choosing personal care items that have safe ingredients makes ME feel good. When something makes my life better, I want to share it with you! I guess to sum it up I like helping. I like when people feel good because of the choices they have made. And I like when a simple recommendation brings someone happiness. So hang here with me while I do what I love and share what I love!

My Top Picks

Favorites For August

Check out my monthly faves. Things that are making life easy or just happy! Books, products, recommendations, recipes, and probably some other miscellaneous stuff.

Think Big Mascara

I’ve been wanting this my whole life. I’m into clean beauty and pretty much try to stick to exclusively clean ingredients in my makeup and household products. I’ve tried a million mascaras and some are cool. But this one is awesome! Thin formula allows you to build length and volume.

Lid Glow Cream Shadow

Alright another clean beauty pick. Cream eyeshadows that offer a subtle shimmery glow. They are gorgeous you guys. I’ve swiped some on my lids everyday this week. Clean, non-creasing formula.

Booty Vase

I feel like this is a thing that might only be loved by few but if I’m being honest I’m just obsessed with it. I found this adorable booty vase last month at the Chicago Makers Market. It’s from Inno Boutique a small business based in Miami. Check her out!
(Image: innoboutique.com)

SoYoung Lunch Bag

What can I say. I love a good back to school lunch bag and these are just so cute. I got the linen rose gold horizontal stripe. Who am I kidding? I got an ice pack and two makeup cases also. Quality is killer and they are just straight up beautiful!
(Photo: Soyoung.com)

Sweet Potato and Apple Sausage Breakfast Skillet

Made this one for the first time on a cousins trip! It was hit and it has been a staple in my kitchen ever since.
(Photo: thebetterblondie.com)

Organic Reusable Cotton Rounds

Love these from The Conscious Cloth. I’ve probably talked about them before but they are great for everything from applying toner, to removing makeup. I even have a few that are designated for the cat for when we test his blood sugar. After use just throw them in the wash.
(Photo: The Conscious Cloth, Etsy Shop)

New to Clean?

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