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Hi, I’m Sophie David. Adult Sleep Coach & Author of The Sleep Bible

I help people overcome sleep problems related to insomnia, life and work stress.

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep?
Or perhaps you often wake up feeling like you barely slept at all. Do you feel, that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get enough sleep? Worst part is, when you complain about not being able to sleep everyone tells you “just lay down, close your eyes. You’ll sleep”.

No one understands you. No one understands that a simple thing like falling asleep which comes so easy to most, isn’t quite as easy for you. You are not alone.

Many of my sleep coaching clients tell me that they are just ‘born insomniacs’. But, let me reassure you – finding it hard to sleep doesn’t mean you are abnormal or doomed to bad sleep forever.

Personally, I suffered chronic insomnia for over a decade— since I was 13. But in the last 5 years including 2 years of professional research and development, I have gone from not sleeping at all to teaching people how to improve their sleep, working with busy people who have been sleeping badly for years just like me.

You can sleep too.

If you have tried all you can to improve your sleep with little to no sustainable results; if you are tired of waking up feeling like you’ve barely had any sleep.

If you would like to sleep better every single night... You are in the right place.

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