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My favourite Fantasy Books!

My Top Book Recommendations!

These are my top book pics for Fantasy. Hope you enjoy!

Recommendation #1

Catainder By Tim Johnson. This book is available in Wattpad

Recommendation #2

The Moonlight Boy by Angela Poppe. This book is available on Wattpad!

Recommendation #3

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. This book is available on Amazon and Kindle. There is a movie too!

Recommendation #4

Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents by MJ ware. Available in Amazon and Kindle. This book is a Fanfiction of the Harry Potter book two.

Recommendation #5

A series of Unfortunate events - The Reptile Room (Book 2) by Lemony Snicket. Available in Amazon and Kindle. Buy it now! There is also a movie in Netflix!

Recommendation #6

The Elyrian (Book 1) By DP Rowell. This book belongs in a Trilogy! Book two and book three are out!

The Seckry Sequence

This is the Seckry Sequence which is still being written by the author.

These two books are out. But there are more books in this series to come by the Author.

City Of The Falling Sky

This is the first book of this series. City of the Falling Sky By Joseph Evans. Available in Wattpad, amazon and Kindle!

The Trinity Awakening

This is book two of the series. The Trinity Awakening by Joseph Evans. Also available in Wattpad, Amazon and Kindle.

Special Mention

The Dream Catcher And The conjurer's Charm by Heuristic_Hashmath. This book is available in Wattpad. I am mentioning it here because I loved it! This book isstill being written!